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Clearing work was carried out by itself.
Although one person of removal attachment is also exchangeable, I had spring exchange exchanged in a motorcycle shop.
Color is also purple and they are those with impact.
Sas's engine performance has room for improvement.

NORMAL 's suspension was bouncy and could not attack on the hard corner Corner, but after the exchange, the first of Stroke was soft and gradually hardened, making it easier to get on Almighty.

I installed it on the SV 650 ABS, but I did not think that it would change so much. In NORMAL 's Spring it was either hipsaway or too hard it was good to pick up Gap and get ride comfortably and it was good to exchange.

OEMShock absorber attached to MT-09 in 2016 when Minor changed.
Personally, the suspension of 2016 was not so terrible as to say, but the change of One-click of the attenuation of Front is Large ridge and compromised to a certain extent.
Since the adjustment of Rear is steplessness, as I decided it in proportion to the Front little by little, the solidity of Spring inevitably got in the way of damping too much, making it a bad moving suspension.
Adjusting the damping so that it does not become fluffy with a long Curve where Speed ??rides, on the bumpy road surface, the suspension does not follow up,.

As a result of various considerations as to whether there was any good suspension, "ConuntGod of thunderColor : Reading the explanation of "Gray" and deciding to incorporate Spring of Hyper pro into OEMShock.
We installed it in Motorcycle by using free service using built-in.

After installation, for the time being, I tried running with a pon for the first time to get ride comfortable.
It is my first sensation, but I felt already the ground feeling increased already on a straight line.
It is a bit Large rock, but as I thought that the Tire was puncturing and the air went out.

Test drive was still in front of the sagout, so after that Hyper pro recommends "Stationary sag" Adjusted by, we extended to the pass.
As the damping increased the adjustment range and was able to reduce it more than when it was Normal spring, the movement of suspension has been improved and the bumpy road surface converges too quickly.

I think that it is sufficient performance to go to Touring and enjoy the Curve at the pass.
Although it depends on the adjustment, even on a rough road surface, the feeling of grounding increases and the sense of security increases.
Just as the Rear suspension got better, the roughness of the Front became conspicuous, I also wanted Spring of Front.
I think we will exchange Front with Hyper pro next time we run 10,000 km.

CBR250R (MC41) Mounting on.
It was not a bad translation of NORMAL's foot, but I changed it to Suspension of Hyper pro that I was interested from before.
My hope is not to change the Character of Motorcycle galaxy, but to make it an extension of NORMAL.

"Do not defeat Brake strong but still leave the goodness of NORMAL"

As a achievement of my objective, it is feeling like a goal.
If Setting is done to a certain extent, you will be able to run with price, but honestly, there is no impression like OHLINS.

Who do not adhere to Manufacturer, those who want to change front and rear legs as cheaply as possible, those who started Custom with the first Motorcycle, before considering expensive Suspension suddenly!
If it is Street youth, I think that it is suitable for setting practice.

We installed in GSX-S1000F.

I ran both of Touring and Circuit, but both Situation are amazing.

I asked Shop for installation, Shop's president said that Large is tough with this hard Spring (It seems that the assembly was hard and it was Large strange) As I got on the race, the suspension sank normally and there was no impression of being hard, not moving. As an impression it seems that it is sticky to a very subdued movement, or it has become a way to sink with a waist.

What is characteristic is that the impact when traveling beyond the road surface gap is obviously eased and comfortable with Touring. I remember the illusion that the performance of Suspension itself got better.

Even when doing Breaking from Circuit driving about 230 kilometers, I have a waist and stepped on, so when I go into Corner releasing Brake, I got a margin in the movement of Motorcycle. When checked with Stroke sensor, Stroke which used about 90% in NORMAL used only from 60% to 70%.

Even in the Motorcycle not equipped with Suspension like the latest SUPER SPORTS 750 like GSX - S1000Series, when I replaced it with Spring of Hyper pro, it looked as if the movement changed to Suspension of high quality movement.

It was disappointing that although the attached Oil was 500 ml, Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Oil replacement was not enough in quantity, so it is about the point that I purchased Fork oil additionally.

I am planning to consider wearing Hyper pro Spring on other Motorcycle.

Rear's thrusting feeling Buy if you wish it would soften even a little.

Drive with the position of Puri being the weakest at the beginning.
60km / The ride feeling has improved to about the extent that it is hard to understand the seams and small unevenness on the road surface.
Sensation that Rear is delayed when it is banked with Corner.
For strong inputs it is not much different from OEM.

Next, run Puri in the second weak position.
60km / In the unevenness of the road surface with h, it does not differ much from OEM.
I changed my direction as if I thought Rear had slipped when banked with Corner.
For a strong input a feeling of somewhat thrusting will disappear.

I have not tried any more, but it is white that there is a change in movement beyond thinking just by changing Puri.
However, as for Rear's thrusting feeling, the expected effect was not obtained.
It seems that it was not an issue with Spring but on an absorber.
However, at the time of Ron Two, the time until the butt hurts became somewhat longer.
Perhaps it's working in places where you can not experience it.

It looks like Spring is purple and stands out so it can be used as Dress-up parts.

I got a lot of good legs. Entry from Breaking to Corner is quite Smooth and fairly good feeling.
In HP Data, Oil viscosity was 15, but in fact the number 20 was included.