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i-Factory menjual sparepart untuk sepeda motor mini seperti XR, APE, NSF, NSR50, dan NSR 250. Suspensi i-Factory sangat disukai oleh banyak rider di berbagai kejuaraan balap All Japan Road Race Championship dan lainnya.

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[webike monitor] Although the floating which is different until now was attached, this product was seen, and it fell in love at first sight, and opted for purchase.
It is satisfied with the reliability of strengthening of attachment.

We ordered together with other goods, ordered with arrival of around 3 days, but more than one week has passed but there is no musical note, if you request shipment of other items in the previous shipping cost 380 yen will be added That thing, I was late for the order due to that mistake
I can not feel sincerity

picture shows it comes with couplings but just a single spring is all you get. definatly not worth the cost . felt i was misled. i will not use this seller again nor refer them to anyone

It is the same as the overall review. CBR250R (MC41) I purchased it for Second Type Model but it does not correspond after Model change.
I will write an impression that it seems like a fool who did not confirm is not more.

Those who are planning to purchase the MC41Second Type Model rider, are quotient ProductNo : Because tankpad 14 - is similar Parts, let's check that there is no mistake in ProductNo.
I think that things are good because the making is polite, quality is good, and installation seems easy.

Tire refuse, to prevent the Radiator from denting with a stepping stone
I want Core guard, I bought the Core guard of sus 304 ,,,
Purchase this without being able to do inside your father's Small Mission!

Because it is 500 mm square, I think that nearly all commercial vehicles can be covered.
By the way, it is possible to cut out two cars for Formula 15 R1.

Recommended for Radiator protection.

Quantity : 2pc. It is a purchase of eyes eye. Last purchase was for Brake Master but this time I bought this SANCTUARY Sanctuary Master Reserver Tank Bracket for Clutch Master. In order to bend to an arbitrary position, the last time it warmly bent at a stretch, because Black Anodized peeled and discolored, it was bent slightly at a time to position it.
It was successful this time.

I exchanged from Nisshin's Tank Bracket. Tank Bracket positioned from the beginning is sold from various places, but Cowl - I bought this product by bothering me with interference with Inner cowl and tried to bend it to an arbitrary position by myself.

After 125 bore up
Posh APE 100 reinforced 20% slipped
125 full Tune correspondence and explanatory note
I bought it with a half-trust
It is good
I will not slip..
I feel convinced that the cheapness of the clutch can also be cheap before buying Clutch Kit with a good feeling.
I think about purchasing Kit if it slides.
As soon as it is slippery, COSPA is good