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IKKOKU CYCLE WORKS telah menyediakan sparepart khusus untuk Harley-Davidson sejak tahun 1935. Produk IKKOKU CYCLE WORKS meliputi bermacam-macam knalpot, rearset, perlengkapan stang, dan lampu yang membuat riding menjadi jauh lebih menyenangkan.

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It fits very well on my xl883l. The condition of the goods is also excellent. It is very easy to install. Only one snapping is required. But the peg on the left feels a little loose. I do not think it's a problem of the product itself, but I wonder if it's a question of putting it between the bracket and the peg. Anyway, I like it. Recommend products to friends. I hope to sell a lot. I want to have fun riding from tomorrow. ~~~ ~~~

普段スポスター誤解おならのサイドスタンドを広げた少しぎこちない河口アップが不便で 誤解おならジェクンする機会が何度もあって スタンドエクステンションを装着しなければと心食べて 国内のバイクショップを遅れても、心にドゥヌンゲないですね。 それさえもクロムで起こった一種しかないんです。 イーベイやアマゾンを遅れ見届けろ国内で販売しているそれと同じです。 日本のサイトを探して見たらKIJIMAで二種類.IKKOKUで一種が検索なりますね。 熟慮の末アルミニウムCNCで製作したIKKOKU製品にすることを決めてブラック塗装した製品で注文して待ってなんて 5日ぶりに家に到着しましたね。 包装を開けて製品を見てみると、本当に精密によく作りましたね。 もちろん価格も城島製品より高価です。 装着河口スタンドを伸ばしてみると、本当に楽によく広がっ折りたたまれます。 お金をかけただけの効果は確かにあり、投資した甲斐がね。 このサイドスタンドエクステンションを装着した誤解おならはおそらく韓国では私が最初ではないかですね。 韓国の多くのスポスター誤解おなら写真は一度も見たことがないんですよ。 I usually post a misunderstanding fart of side stands spreading a little awkward estuarine inconvenience Opportunities to misunderstand fart Jeken have been repeated many times I had to wear the stand extension and eat my heart Even if I lag behind a domestic motorbike shop, I do not have Dununge in my heart. Even so, there is only one kind that happened in chrome. Look at delays on eBay and Amazon. It is the same as selling it in Japan. Looking for a Japanese site and looking at KIJIMA two kinds, IKKOKU searches for a kind. After careful consideration I decided to make IKKOKU products made with aluminum CNC, ordered with black painted products and waited I arrived home for the first time in five days. When I opened the package and looked at the product, I made it really precisely. Of course the price is also more expensive than Jojima products. When you stretch the attached estuary stand, it spreads out easily and it folds truly comfortably. There is definitely the effect of just paying the money, it is worth investing. Perhaps my misunderstanding fart with this side stand extension is not the first in Korea, is not it? I have never seen a lot of Korean sports misunderstanding fart photos. (translated by Google Translator)

If you change from OEMMASTER to Horizontal Type separate body or Radial, you can connect without changing Hose and it will be saved. I changed it to Semi-radial and wanted to use OEMHose as it was so I bought it. Since the material is Aluminum, I wanted it if it had a durable Stainless Steel Type. Also, Banjo bolt on the MASTER side is not attached and because the Banjo part is 8 mm thick OEMBanjo (Thickness 10 mm) Can not use Thin Type Banjo

When attaching Pressure switch to Rear brake, it was necessary to miss Hose and there was no other similar purchase.
Function and quality are satisfactory, but that should be that.
It is a good price for me.

There are plenty of makeup screws, but dare to chose a country that has few examples in Net. cool. However, as a dissatisfaction point, I'm dissatisfied that Screw is rather short, and Nut is not attached. As for Length in particular, I am a country that has some Harley's exclusive items, so I wanted you to consider it a bit more.

BoltQuantity : Just install it on Side Stand with 2pc (Depending on the model of Motorcycle, but ...) is. Part that protrudes (Where you put foot on) Loose the Bolt and it turns round and you can adjust it to the direction you like.

Double-sided tape may be peeled off during use, but it has been used for several months after switching to 3M Double-sided Tape, but there is no problem. Comfortable to use.

I bought it because I want to use OEMHose for Brembo radial master. I think that it is good to increase the installation width if there are several kinds of Length.
However, since such Parts are not other, I think that it is worthwhile parts.