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It attached to [Webike monitor] K1300R.
Attachment was only exchanged for the standard shield and was dramatically easy.
I think that they are dramatically high-precision products, such as a hole site of attachment, structure of the whole, and attachment accuracy of a KAGON sheet.
When attaching a standard shield to the upper part of this carbon shield, on both sides of the spacer (rubber spacer 6 mm in inside diameter) of a rubber, it attached in between among shields.
K1300R does not have a very pleasing shield, when a pure sports window shield was seen from a transverse plane, it was surely disagreeable, but I think that the product here matches in K1300R with many [ on the whole ] straight lines very well.
Since about [ which still passes the streets ] has ridden, it does not understand how protection-against-wind nature is, but it may be unexpectedly effective.
(although it will be the difference in an addition grade if compared with a pure sports screen or an external big screen, of course) Although it is five stars without a complaint if a price is cheap and symmetrical now ... Most pleasing [ in the screen changed until now ] at any rate.

With especially no problem

I think that the fine sight user-friendliness as a tool is not different from the air valve tool currently sold at the home center etc.
However, w from which there are the texture and the fine sight as a tool, and the inside of a tool box becomes fashion for a while

It is used for wiring at the time of grip exchange.
Unite with other shoppings.

While looking for the lift stands to the D truckers 125, since in play was well received, it purchased.
Instantly, it inserts under a car body to carry out chain maintenance. -- GAA~~N!! It does not enter (^^; It should have a ground clearance of the D trucker 125 at 230 mm, and the the lift stands of DRC must be [ ground clearance of 250 mm or more ] impossible.
What was necessary was just to have checked with the kitchen by description of item.
Since it was unavoidable, side stands were leaned to the fulcrum on left-hand side, and the stand was slid in on foot from right-hand side.
Since it is easy to operate it and Locke is also certainly effective, properly speaking, it is a five stars, but about use of the D trucker 125, it is a two stars.
I wanted you to have lowered a 20 more mm ground clearance.

It is large activity to everyday maintenance!

-- DRC:hybrid lamp straight type product number: -- D36-41-115 merchandise-information goods details size: -- 20 cm x 150-cm withstand load restrictions: -- it is the lightweight loading ramp borne by the way of thinking new 210 kg.
With the combination of the resin panel developed by new technique, and an aluminum extruded material, it succeeded in the weight saving from the conventional loading ramp made from aluminum.
The withstand load engine performance of a resin panel is enough, and it can bear the weight of an off-road motorcycle calmly.
With the form of the design only for a motorcycle, it is proud of preeminent sense of stability.
The rubber is stuck on the flesh side of the plate hung on a transporter, and a transporter is not damaged.
The best size can be chosen as its transporter by abundant size deployment.

Neither blink nor lighting is carried out.
It was the same although it did by other motorcycle.
If it returns to the relay of normal, it will operate correctly.
They are inferior goods!