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IMS wide foot peg alias: -- HARDYHARDY wide step PRO product number: -- a HSP-06Kawasaki /KDX220SR stainless

There was a crack in the Tank of WR 250 F 2003, I was looking for a change Tank.
OEMTank was also good, but I also bought it because the Big tank was also anxious.

Reserve ceased to work, but that's fine.

Originally attached WR 250 F In Shroud 2003, it can not be installed correctly.
It is a site of overseas dealers 03-04 : Requires 05-06 WR Shrouds or 03-05 YZF shrouds
07-11 : Requires 07 YZF shrouds are stated.

Use WR from 03 to 04 for Shroud from 05 to 2006 or Shroud for YZ 250 F from 03 to 2005.
It is described.
In other words, WR of 03-04 is different from WR's Shroud of 05-06, so it can not be installed properly
It is said that there is not that notation anywhere!
In Japan's IMS site there is no Tank notation of WRF 03 in the first place.

I would like you to mention somewhere in the sales site.

Trying to buy Shroud and do not tear it. So this is Made in Italy ? ? ?
I thought about it, cut it and pasted it and stopped it with Tie Wrap ~

I will buy Shroud.

○ Exchange work: I think that it is possible with DIY if there is some maintenance experience. In my case, InjectionSpec. It was my first time to exchange Tank for Motorcycle, but I worked while checking it serially with Service manual.
If it is somewhat daunting, it will be desorption of fuel Force and Connector.
I need to cut out a part of Shroud.
Seat (Spiral High seat) Was not attached with the attached screw, Seat was attached with a suitable screw and Spacer.
〇 When driving, Knee grip has no discomfort. Even if it is full Tan, even in forest road Touring (Body weight is heavy) Tank We can not feel the weight of Tan. I feel that Tank itself is lighter than Iron Tank.
EnduroCourse, Motocross course is not running, but problem does not occur in general forest road level such as breakage and screw loosening.
○ Appearance: As per the Impression of others, I feel like I've become a Large Motorcycle two times in a row.
Compared with 11 LTank of RALLY 50, because it widens widely, the center of gravity may not rise too much.
〇 Problems: Attached Cap does not have Key. It seems that you can redeem the with Key Cap from ACERBIS, but Pitch seems to be different.
Moreover, Gasoline leaks when attached to Cap if it is close to full Tan because there is no Packing. I bought Nitrile's Rubber board at Home center and made my own packing.
Bush Guard of Other Brand Product (ACERBIS in my case) Depending on the handlebar being fully locked, there is a possibility of contact. In order not to scratch the Tank, not to pinch your fingers as well Bush Guard installation requires confirmation before traveling.

I used the CRF250 RALLY 50 this time as it was a good impression by attaching the same thing to another car before.
Because there is no application, it is judged that it is the same as CRF 250L, ordering is in-kind.
As a result, installation is possible, direction and height are fine but there is some play. Thickness 1 mm or less - 11 Pie Washer is available. Because Tension is pretty effective at Spring, it will not bother you depending on the person even if it is not installed.
Width is NORMAL ratio Plus 4 mm, Length is Minus 5 mm, weight is 275 Gram for NORMAL 230 Gram.
Stopper shape differs from NORMAL. Normal peg is fallen downwards While the Stopper hits the pedestal surface, diverted Peg falls under the line.
Normal peg of RALLY 50 is well done with a sense of stability without sliding in the mud. I think that the finish is close to the full mark except for cheesy things. Peg of this time also has weight increase and may not worth paying near 14000 yen. Personally, however, IMS is a favorite with teeth sharp.

Product arrived and brought it to Motorcycle shop by attachment ... Although mounting on Motorcycle Body was not a problem, Screw of Joint part of Fuel Hose does not match with Screw hole cut at Tank side at all (There are 3 Hose attachment parts, but all) Installation could not be done.

If that part is settled Large will be durable but if it installs forcefully Screw will collapse and give up because there is a possibility of fuel leak ...

Production to order is not too cheap in gold amount but it is too bad that the precision of the essential part is bad.

Exchange at the same time as KLX purchase
It is wide and it stays quite a bit
If you touch it unexpectedly and you stab it or turn it gaudyly, a hole will be made in the Frame guard.

Well, at that time I am also wearing Boots, so the hole is not a FrameBody, so it does not matter (lol

Because it is Stainless it is sturdy and does not rust, I think that looks and performance are very good.

Hello. I decided to set IMS Wide Footpeg Super Stock Series on the Kawasaki KLX250S motorcycle that my foot wouldn't slide. Standard Footpeg very slippery and narrow Installation is very simple, it is necessary to turn off one bolt, to remove the old Footpeg and to set the new on its place. Operation takes about 15 minutes of my time. These steps didn't approach on color my motorcycle. Very high price. High-quality execution. I don't recommend this product for Kawasaki KLX250S

Exterior Color Exchange per Quantity : 2pc. It is a purchase of eyes eye. Last time we replaced Black, then Gasoline replaced Natural which looks transparent. Since Gasoline can be seen through, I can understand the amount well! I can also take a stylish photo through the sunset (Lol) Simple to install Gasoline Liquid Gasket at the same time can be purchased easily! We can not return to OEMTank anymore!