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INADOME adalah penyedia berbagai suku cadang motor KAWASAKI seperti model W650/800 dan ESTRELLA.

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Mounting on XSR 900
Blinker base for Quantity for Yamaha : 1 Set and Large Washer 4 Nuts were installed using 4 Nuts
I felt that Bolt length was insufficient slightly sandwiching with two Blinker base
It does not compare with the Chinese cheap which was attached before
1pc. In Quantity : 1 Set of 4pcs. It was higher but I can understand the texture well
wUser is jealous
However, Grounding Wire Quantity : Set is optional and costly
Plus line which is originally attached is also somewhat somewhat Wiring If you can tinker it is easy to construct ...
I did not feel like buying when I saw the price and made it myself

At that time Spec. I wanted to w650 wind and bought it.
Material is soft Material : Like Rubber and easy to paste.
There is a solid double-sided tape on the reverse side.
I'm very satisfied though I'm commenting that others are disappointed that the photo and the actual thing are different.
Is the price a little expensive? If it is up to 3000 yen, I made Cost performance ★ 5 ? ?
I liked Innadoma products, so I will buy it from now on.

Screw was licking though it should be a brand new.
Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) , I bought two, but only one was licking.
Since it was a brand-new one, I did not confirm each part so much, when I handed it over to others, I pointed out that I was licking, it became a little Trouble.

Earthing wires, which must be purchased with turn signals from INADOME. These are four wires that differ in length - from short to longer ... This is due to the different installation options on the motorcycle. It seems to me that they should be immediately included in the set of turn signals, because without them a smooth installation is impossible.

Excellent turn signals, transmitting the spirit of the 70s and retro style ... Now my W650 began to have an even more expressive look ... They shine very brightly. I want to note the fact that you need to buy together with these turn signals ground wires and a set of adapters for the front turn signals ... They are not included. Excellent turn signals, but, it seems to me that they are no different from the turn signals from DOREMI, which have a slightly lower price.

I was at a loss as to whether to wear the w800, but Inaduma who is not opening the hole is still cool
Plating is beautiful, you can see the hair root of your face, the movement of the pupil is also visible
Since Screw comes with it, I do not need trouble
It is about 2000 yen higher than OEM

I was troubled with zType, but I did it here!

It looks like an old car!

Correspondence is early, I am satisfied with the goods I thought
Just a little cheaper is the best

The w 650 Blinker I saw at Road Station is cool and I thought that I wanted it from the front.
Compared to OEMBlinker 3600 yen, there is no difference between 200 and 300 yen. Blinker will break if you defeat it, it will deteriorate immediately with sunlight, how about it even in the replacement period.
Rubber is very friendly from the beginning, it is very kind, if there is no Rubber, the part will break immediately, but after cutting out of Rubber and after white muddy like after attaching Aron Alpha, it does not matter badly if attached to the car body is not it.