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Interphone adalah bagian dari Cellularline, sebuah manufaktur akesoris smartphone. dengan bluetooth intercom dari Interphone, riding Anda akan terasa lebih menyenangkan!

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Interphone F5MC is in use, but I bought a tour with FOR JAPAN MODEL agency change, PackageRenewal.
Installation :
I got caught in SHOEI GA-Air and installed it with Holder. Holder, Cable class is not compatible with F5MC at all. In addition, the speaker, Connector seems to be considerably small type compared with before Renewal. In combination with GT - Air there is no discomfort and standard Quantity : I feel Set is sufficient..
quality :
Impression that Body and speaker Microphone's connector jumps out too far downward. There is some concern that Holder's Guard part will not break.
function :
Before Renewal it seems there was a problem with the Aikomu function, but confirmed that the current product can be connected to at least B + COM SB 213. Also, we are confirming that we can talk with three people by adding F5MC while connecting with other airplane at Anyicom.
Since there is one Bluetooth, you can not do something like smashing music from Back while calling Income, for example. I was able to listen to FM Radio while talking Income.
ease of use :
Design which allocated each function to individual Button is Manual (Translate (please enter here) It confuses when reading, but it can be convinced by feeling when actually operating. There is also an application for smartphones but this is still translated (please enter here.
The voice guidance can be translated (you can choose to enter here 'Intercom started up' It is a guarantee to smile with a voice of. By the way, we will announce the remaining amount of Battery even when the power is off. Convenient to the ground.
Cost performance :
Compared to recent models with two Bluetooth models, the function is inferior, but it is cheaper accordingly. However, since the price difference is not big enough, I want you to keep doing a little more.
Generally :
It is Renewal and it is an impression that it was finished to satisfactory even by transfer from the conventional Interphone. Personally I would recommend it because goods are good but friends are severe for B + COM and SENA.

I was looking for it because I increased Helmet, but I was at a loss for quite a while, but I finally found it very good. I thought that Intercom was another one, but I gave it up because it was expensive

As usual I was using DRC Soft compound grip, but it was too soft for me and Gray was used and so dirty - - -. Reduction is also early - - -.
This time it is Driven! This is probably Medium ??? The feeling of grasp is the perfect feel for myself.

A / I installed F meter so I wanted to cancel secondary Air, I was looking for other company's Block Off Plate, but because the price was also cheap, purchase here. The precision of cutting was good, the close adhesion was also perfectly able to close, it was able to close properly.

High sound quality, easy to use a microphone, good packaging. Installation guide with pictures. I use this season to set a different helmet.

There is no publication of the manual yet.
Up date is also in the announcement, but the method is not published.
I can not hope AfterCare because I can not see motivation for the import source.
If you desire a profound After, do not hesitate to think that you should make it SENNA or B com.

I am sorry but I have only to lower the evaluation if I consider the import source.

Initial ModelF5 has become old, so I replaced it. I got lost as F5MC, but buy this one for anything. There is no problem with installation and usability, but installation Bracket, Connecting Cord is exclusive so you can not use it with other Helmet. I do not seem to be able to purchase with Option yet.
It seems that it was early to purchase it as it is also in Impre of the front. I was expecting too much because F5 was a good product without Trouble. It is a good product, but now we will recommend the aged type F5MC.

First there is no detailed instruction manual
It is only QuickGuide and Supplementary Instruction Manual
Although it can be used for a while with this, it can not be fully used

It is not an agency but Manufacturer itself seems to have not issued the detailed Instruction Manual yet
"World Premier" Because it sells it for forgiveness
And the agency is saying

Connect two A2DP at the same time - Settings on the smartphone are 2016 / I can not do it at the time 6
The latter seems to be able to do, but I do not know the former

Translation that was said in F5 (Please input here Guide also pronunciation is strange

The agency seems to be a Small-scale company, and even if I mail it I will not return. FreeAddress - PRO Binder's Email Address Either way
There is no information on HP

Since other communication equipment is not reliable, I chose this by the erasing method
Although it can be used at the minimum, is it 70% 70% perfection product?
If it is said to be Recommendation, other "Singing FOR JAPAN MODEL makers" Ya "Of a neighboring country" Is not it better to compare it?