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IRC didirikan pada tahun 1926 sebagai manufaktur ban sepeda. IRC menyediakan berbagai macam ban untuk sepeda motor jenis skuter, sport, motocross, etc.

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Cost performance is the highest.

Since it is cheap compared with the other company, whenever it carries out a tire change, I have had you let it use.
Although the heavy tube has also been used, since it blew out, after changing here, it has not blown out yet.
I think that it is a tube in which the hole has opened simply to be careful there if it merely inserts with a rim and a tire during a tire change.

managing contractor tube product number: -- 25964B bulb form: -- TR4 (direct type) Correspondence vehicle type IRC wide use size: corresponding to description of item -- 4.00 / 4.50- 18, 4.60/5.10-18, 110/90-18, 110/100-18, and 120/80-18 -- 120/90-18.
correspondence bulb: -- TR-4 -- -- IRC managing contractor tube product number: -- 25973B bulb form: -- vehicle type IRC wide use corresponding to TR4 (direct type) Description of item correspondence size: -- 4.00/4.50-19, and 110/90-19 correspondence bulb:TR-4

IRC managing contractor tube Product number :. [ 25961B ]
Bulb form: TR4 (direct type) Correspondence size: 2.75/3.00/3.60-18, 80/100-18, and TT100 that are used for the front of 90/90-18GN125 Safe, when there is a reserve of a tube as an object for reserves for 3.00-18 at the time of purchase touring.

The little cab 50 was equipped simultaneously with a front tire.
A tube carries out the recommend of the coincidence for a tire change.

It put into JAZZ at the 18-inch tire of MBX50.

It has ridden on '92 model SEROW225.
It purchased as a reserve tube in path-through-a-wood touring.
A conclusive factor is a low price of a price.

Although the foreign-made (China) thing was used, since air leakage was severe, it exchanged for the IRC tube.
Domestic production is safe after all!!