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Sprocket buatan ISA unggul dalam performa, presisi, dan efisiensi dengan beratnya yang ringan berkat penggunaan duralumin aluminium. Sprocket dari ISA memiliki tiga kunci performa yang wajib dimiliki sprocket sepeda motor, yakni presisi, tenaga, dan ketahanan terhadap abrasi.

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I got lost with Steel but purchased this product. To the surprisingly light Big.
As I changed both Sprocket and Chain at the same time, I can not evaluate with Single Item, but the apparent acceleration as a feeling has improved.
I do a good price, but I will buy Repeat if I have Chain exchange with this.

I replaced it from RearSprocket 40 to ISARear 42 of XR 250, Front made it SUNSTAR 12 but now it is returning to OEM 13.
ISA is light and expects durability Large. With this, it became High Solo so that it can be used a little in mountains.
Thanks to this, the ease of use of 1st speed Power, 2nd / 3rd speed increased.
Naturally the fastest speed has fallen, it's probably not 100 kilometers faster.
But mountain (Forest Road Dirt) There is no problem as it is intended for use in.

大牌子就是牛,比我的原装齿盘轻了21%的重量,强化铝合金真不是吹的,这个颜色实物比图片更好看,亮瞎眼的金色也正是我想要的效果!不知道是不是大牌子带来的新作用,感觉一档加速快了,换档后的推力反馈也快了。果然贵东西还有道理的, The big brand is the cow, which is 21% lighter than my original toothed disc. The reinforced aluminum alloy is not blowing. This color is better than the picture. The bright golden color is exactly what I want! I don't know if it is a new role brought by the big brand. I feel that the first gear is accelerating faster, and the thrust feedback after shifting is also faster. Sure enough, you still have reason,(translated by Google Translator)

Compared to OEM, it is natural, but it is light..
The color is not flashy, I am changing the Rear sprocket
For me who has little sense and does not like gaudiness much
It is your favorite Parts.
How about the durability after riding a distance in the future?
The delivery date was long..

I did not have Lineup for RSV 4, but I could install it on RSV 4 as well.
Accuracy, Anodized quality satisfied.
I used 2 X OMPremiumSprocket, but the accuracy was bad, and Anodized was also removed with 500?.
ISA is 1000 or more, even though it is still Anodized firmly.

【What made you decide the purchase?】
High precision processing and commitment to perfect circle, to Gold processing
Enthusiasm is amazing. ISA is a company in Nara Prefecture.

【How was it actually used?】
Gold generic precision is beautiful just by looking
A groove for prevention of mud is uniformly attached to each tooth

【Was it difficult to install? (Hard parts case)】
Mounting on Wheel Because the Screw hole is a Taper
OEM's Bolt is useless. It is necessary to purchase separately installed Bolt.
For mounting to Wheel, just tighten Bolt with Torque

【Please tell me the point of installation and hang (in the case of Hard parts)】
For mounting, removing, please turn Nut without turning Bolt

[Is there anything I was disappointed about?]
If you replace OEM's Sprocket, Chain's carrill
Large I got better.

【Hope for Manufacturer - Please let me know if you have any improvement points]
I also want to increase the Variation of colors such as Silver and Black

【Have you compared items?】 SUNSTAR, DRC

TT-R50 ESpec to Rear sprocket of DR-Z50 for son's Minimoto race. I attached a thing of. Compatibility, installation is not a problem.

As expected the Sprocket finish of isa is wonderful! I liked the color in a calm color too. However, 520 of DYMAG was handled as a special order, the price increased considerably and the delivery was somewhat touched but it was a satisfactory product that blows away such dissatisfaction if delivered!