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I bought this for the first time Rain Wear. Quantity : 1 Set (for Top and Bottom) Is outlet and tax included 15000 yen was cut! Below, it will be imp.

○ Performance
On a strong rainy day, I ran about 45 minutes on the high-speed highway, but it did not flood at all. The question is, how long will this effect last? - - - I used it for half a year, but for now it does not matter.

○ Consideration
Preventing flapping of each part Belt (Magic tape formula) , Reflective materials, Draping, etc. Equipment necessary for Motorcycle is available in one set. It was ◎ if you could adjust the thighs as well. * However, only one Pocket inside the chest. Pants does not even have Zipper.

To steam
Because lining is not Mesh, it can be quite steamable. While running, it is Large and there is no problem, but it is not suitable for acting while wearing it in summer. I had a pleasant expectation as to whether it would be + in winter, but when I wore it I did not get cold. To be sorry - - -

× Size
In Tig Hag, I suspected a difference in Size. Quantity of M Size : 1 Set (for Top and Bottom) Nevertheless, Pants is Oversized and Jacket is Exactly. Since there is not much room in Jacket's sleeve and length, those who attach Protector on the inside let's choose Size one above.

General review
Performance as Rain Wear is satisfactory, I am satisfied. However, Jacket should set Size one more thing. Why did employees properly try on before selling it though why actually notice it?

Size selected M Size. It is 173 cm, 55 kg..

Color, I'm very pleased about the performance.
163cm / I ordered M Size at 62 kg, but I think that there is plenty of room to wear and that the neighborhood was also considered.
As for compactness, is it a little Small?. We will not enter anything other than the one that I'm confident of under Seat Space.
I thought that as much as 1 Liter plastic bottle size it squeezed the luggage as it is.

I've got this for the cold protection during winter days, but it was quite thin and wasn't so warm.

I looked it up on mont-bell website, and found out that there were three types of GEOLINE, the used fabric: LIGHTWEIGHT, MIDDLE WEIGHT, and EXPEDITION (lightweight the thinnest). The thickest one is the warmest.

Lightweight used for this inner gloves is a material used for an underwear, and it cares more for quick dry.
There's a graph showing its performance level in Webike's product page, but it compares the heat insulation effect using EXPEDITION, and quick drying effect using LIGHTWEIGHT. I mistook this graph and thought that LIGHTWEIGHT had the highest heat insulation effect and quick drying effect.
In fact, the LIGHTWEIGHT doesn't seem to have so much heat insulation effect.

Apart from this, it is likely to get holes easily, for it is thin and forms fur balls when the velcro tape sticks.
Since the friction level of the fabric is low, it won't come off with the outer gloves.

It was expensive for an inner gloves, so I am disappointed at its lack of heat insulation ability. I should have studied more, or else I wouldn't have been tricked by the comparison graph of the product page.

I wanted a nice comfortable rain wear for my long touring drive, and looked into GORE-TEX products.
But as I found out that GORE-TEX products won't get down-sized even if folded them, I looked for a smaller comfortable one that was not GORE-TEX.
I wavered between:
* mont-bell Storm Biker
I chose mont-bell, because of its name. I thought it would look cool even at touring spots.

The water-repelling and waterproofing effect of these kinds of rain wear are pretty much alike.
So I will be commenting on the points that this product excels.

* It really is comfortable.
The material is thin and soft, which makes you easy to move. And it doesn't slip because it is without luster.

That lusterless texture makes it look mature and I like it.
It's too much to say that it is elegant, but you can tell that it's not that cheap.

* It is moisture permeable, and doesn't get musty.
I keep on wearing the rain suit even after it stops raining to dry the rain wear, but it feels completely different from the 8000 yen I used to have.

* The storage bag is good. It's compact.
I keep the neoprene rain gloves inside the bag too.
It even holds extra things inside, which means that it is easy to store.
You can compress it with the string after you put your rain wear inside. Nice function.

I am 180cm high and weighed 92kg then. I bought size XXL and it was just the right size.
I went on a diet and now I weigh 78kg. The rain wear became baggy but I'm still wearing it.

It doesn't come with a hood and outer pockets.
There is a zip pocket inside the front fastening area.
I rather like the style without a hood, so there's no problem for me.

If you are seeking for not only the water-repelling and waterproofing feature, but also the comfort, wearability, or good storage, it's worth the price.
I recommend it!