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Ishino Shokai menyediakan beragam aksesoris motor. Anda bisa temukan cover motor, cover handle, jas hujan, sarung tangan dan produk lainnya dengan harga terjangkau.

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Ulasan Produk Ishinosyokai

It was made thicker than Komine's Handlebar Warmer purchased at Raiko Land, but as soon as this speed comes out it will force Clutch and Brake lever by wind pressure to arbitrarily, is for Scooter

There are many scenes where STOP & GO repeats in town, not limited to commuting.
If it is a Small TypeScooter, there are Merit of lightness such as handling, but the models sold as Custom supplies are limited.
Without market needs there is no way it can be helped.
It is rare that there are specialized products among them. Well, even though it is rare, it is NG that the making is terrible - -.

This product makes us feel the enthusiasm of Manufacturer with Al Solpped High Solo.
This High Solo's Merit - -

1. Right The behavior of the wrist is improved and Start dash is good feeling.
At the same time the burden on Right wrist was reduced.
2. You can set Axel opening degree to your liking in 4 steps.
3. Axel never gets heavy.
4. Self satisfied but Custom is Appealed.
5. The product making is good for the price (Although there are some BALI, it is acceptable range).

★ About High Solo installation
1. Change Accelerator Wire routing
2. Because there is an Engine Starter Motor, it can not be installed in the NORMAL position unless it moves, but it does not feel trouble.
3. After all Cowletc. If you do not cut out somewhat, Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Because Balance collapses so it may be better to shave.
To bring it closer to NORMAL position, Cell button (It is invisible inside) It shaved it to the installation position.
4. Naturally, Idol is stable.

There is no Marking designated at the position to fix the High Solo so please set it with just salt plum.
This is also a part of my preference - -.
Oh, there is no settlement. Although I understand the purpose, it would be better if there was a bit of Image or someone cutting it, CHAMELEON FACTORY.

After wearing, I got one week by commuting.
Start dash often feels the benefit of High Solo.
STOP & GO in town became easy, Right wrist burden was relieved.
For long distance commuting is MeritLarge.

Well, since this is the subjectivity of the individual, I think that how to feel is people.
Maybe it will soon, so this will be normal (Lol).
It was also the high SoloEXEndurance of antlion.

Aluminum shaving soup at this price looks good and it feels better.
Although it is a general thing, even within the company's products, there are things that are not good, and there are also preferences of themselves.
Product selection of this kind is self-responsibility to the last (^^).

I bought this Small jetSeries differently by Coloring.
I imagined Small Shime from the product name because Head Size is Small, but I think that it is probably 62 to the head of Exactly.

StandardShield has a sharp pointed ClearBubble shield in the forward direction, but it seems that there is no UV function and the sunshine is insanely hot.
Immediately switching to an optional Smoke Shield is recommended.

The ear space that houses the popular Helmet Speaker has plenty of room and you can attach Speaker yourself with Double-sided Tape.

Since the interior foam Styrene is thin and hard, the comfort is a bit painful.

The mail order price is sold by Helmet which seems to be the same for less than 5000 yen in Amazon, and evaluation is also quite reasonable, so here is a relatively expensive feeling.

I was expecting to see other people's impressions, but I could not realize the difference with OEM.

It is due to my own mind. I thought, compared to the ADDRESS V 125 of OEMHandlebar, the opening of Throttle did not change.

It took a while to install the Paralyzer 3 Exhaust Chamber.
Actually wearing it and running it is realistic but acceleration has become wonderful and faster. Weight roller etc. I think that you can enjoy your favorite acceleration if you adjust
I am satisfied to buy it

I think a little hang is needed for installation, but I do not think anything.
It is very nice that the handgrip change at full opening in OEM is gone, the wrist does not get tired. After installation, it opens with a blank, so Big re-. Attention required.

Since 1,000 yen gloves bought at Home center got hurt so I bought it for a replacement.

The dough is thin and the length is short so there is a drafty wind and it is very cold.

I was surprised that the 1,000 yen gloves bought at Home center is better in performance.

I am using it for MAJESTY 125
Standard fuel Fu Pump has a Recall problem - - -
Installation was somewhat troublesome, but it works without problems