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ISOTTA adalah manufaktur windshield ternama untuk sepeda motor biasa dan skuter. Windhsield Isotta dibuat dengan material berkualitas tinggi dan diproses menggunakan teknologi caggih.

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Because installation is Large in shield installation it is difficult to install by yourself. It is very nice because there is a height to cover up to the face properly in a ride posture with a height of 174 cm.

The angle is changed in 3 steps, Bracket is also solid, and the making is solid firmly. It seems Brand wholesale also to Manufacturer.
The resistance of the wind disappeared and the outing became easier.
However, because it is made in a foreign country, the procedure is unlikely to be solved halfway appropriately.
it's recommended!

Because the last car was FUSION,
With BURGMAN 200 Option
I chose it because it was the largest size.

○ Cover up to the top of Helmet
○ Easy to install (It did not take 30 minutes)
○ thickness : There is a feeling of relief 4 mm

△ Hand guard does not seem to interfere with other options

Since which caution mark [ that it cannot attach with DCT by the display with the object for NC700X ] cannot be found, attachment propriety is judged and purchased only with a goods photograph by self-responsibility.Since there is a Parking brake lever in the Handle left in DCT and form differs by the switches of a Grip, etc., a result cannot be attached by an enclosed Stay.
left-hand side was attached by partial cutting of the Stay, and the right was somehow attached by partial bending of the Stay.Although I think that there is probably no problem in NC700X of the NORMAL which is not DCT, in the case of DCT, the above-mentioned cautions are required.

It chose from the standard Screen on the biggest Screen. From the
order placement to delivery, it has taken about 1~2 months. Although the form at the time of
attachment was perfect for, a screw hole did not suit but the
Minus had the bad fitting. The engine performance as a
Screen is enough, and its windbreak performance is also high.

Attachment is also easy and it is the configuration of being hard to receive a wind to the portion of a grip, as well as not receiving the wind from before.
Power is likely to be demonstrated in winter.
The design is also very pleasing!

The other day, it has carried out to touring.
A wind was not received in the body but it was very comfortable.
Since there is a screen also in a grip part and a wind does not hit directly, an effect is likely to be demonstrated also in a winter season.

If normal, there is no protection-against-wind effect too much small, but high speed operation becomes very easy by exchanging.
If normal, a wind is received in Moro at a breast, but even the shoulder is covered if it is this.
If not pleasing in design, it is unavoidable, but the effect of attachment is large.
I think that it is good for making it lighthearted custom since attachment can also be simply done with several screws.