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J Trip

J Trip telah memproduksi standar paddock selama lebih dari 30 tahun dengan bahan, desain, dan teknologi terkini. Standar paddok J Trip sering digunakan di kantor polisi Jepang dan kejuaraan balap motor All Japan Road Race Championships.

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Ulasan Produk J Trip

Although it worried with whether only a rear stand will be purchased, since it is general-purpose, he thinks that it is semipermanent, and it purchases drastically.
It is preeminent for the stability at the time of a stand-up.
Maintenance becomes pleasant.
Since it was hard to understand an only one-point instruction manual, it was considered as four stars.
However, handling was easy when seeing the animation of the homepage.
It is recommended.

For 5000 yen, performance is good, and can stabilize and support.
Supposing it gives one difficulties, is it it being weak and being able to be easy to delete paint application?
A problem is not felt in particular other than it.

With [ he buys it and ] no mistake!! He should have bought it earlier (^_^;)

Since it was not so expensive although the substitute was made from DIY, it purchased.
It uses according to a device.

The direction maintained by itself is indispensable.
There is a rigid feeling and it can carry out the lift up of it in comfort.
Since the short type can carry out lift up on foot, supporting a car body by itself, it is really easy.

While moving, it gets disgusted for carrying out an oil difference, and purchases.
It was able to raise to use and serious comfort in CB400SF REVO.
Since paint application of the portion in contact with a ground surface was likely to come off, he bought a thin rubber and it stuck it in the home center.
Since the 5-mm hezagonal wrench for attaching a wheel was not attached, it is *-1.

When I tried to install it,
Bolt diameter did not match the New Model NINJA 400 from 2018 and it could not be installed.
It seems to be attached to the old car, so it was not possible to judge at the time of purchase.
It is regrettable and it is regrettable.

Although I purchased it without any help even if I searched for others, 7700 yen was too high for just iron bar. Accuracy is unquestionable to fit in STANDBody, but Motorcycle shakes with considerable width, whether it is too thin with respect to the hole on the hub side with the Motorcycle Lift. I thought that I would collapse for a moment and chilled the liver. In the case of cantilevered swing arm it is unknown whether this is normal, but there is no Merit that uses Tire as much as it can shake so much.