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Filter udara 3D JAM memiliki ketahanan sempurna terhadap air dan minyak serta memiliki performa yang sangat baik. Untuk Anda yang ingin meningkatkan performa mesin motor Anda, filter udara 3D JAM adalah pilihan yang tepat.

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TMR36 (Mikuni) FunnelSpec. Because I got it, I was worried whether to ride as it or powerful. If it is Powerful you have to buy from Adapter and Funnel will buy it because it is concerned about dirt. It is convenient to use without dropping Funnel's Power

Immediately attached, the adhesive surface has come off. Every 4. It will not be used. I am afraid that I can not use it because I think that I think that Sponge will be sucked into the carburetor at the worst,. It seems there is no Gasoline resistance. It is not a product of Large Ki Manufacturer so I did not expect much, but I think that I would not sell such a thing. It is far from OEMQuality. Oil is necessary but RAMAIR's Sponge never got Rose.

Originally I was using RAMAIR but after about 2 years passed by aging deterioration ...
Because it is absolutely necessary at the time of vehicle inspection (Because it is TMR) I was going to buy the same thing.
Were you JAM, did you find this product on HP's Webike too?
Do you have a search?. It goes without saying that I bought it.. As a reason for Recommendation
?RAMAIRetc. It is made with Material which is hard to burn unlike.
There is also a repetition from carburetor, so it will be creepy if you burn.
? It is difficult to aged deteriorate? It felt it was used for a long time since purchasing.
Three years have passed since purchase, but there is no sign of deterioration.
It is still possible to use It is easy for Wallet without need for repurchase.
?attachment - removal - Maintenance is very easy.
Jab Jab easy in Bucket with neutral detergent !!
? Since the mounting opening is Offset, Fitting cleanly.
When this type Filter is attached to TMR, Filter becomes oblique
You can install it neatly if the top and bottom are reversed. The characters are reversed.

Previously, wet RAMAIR was used, setting was also slightly diluted, the best setting did not come out.
I just happened to find this item at Jom's Homepage and I knew that I sold it on Wa Big, so Quantity : 1 Set of 4pcs. I bought.
The price is also cheaper than RAMAIR, so you can install it easily because the installation does not tackle your hands.
Setting is unnecessary, but it certainly could be seen as darker than RAMAIR, so it seems that there is little inhalation resistance as it is dry.
Also, once washed, the cleaning solution was cloudy, so I think that you can expect a dust collection effect.
However, one disappointment is that my Filter had a part where the Sponge's glue part had deviated, for the time being, it repaired with Konishi Bond's G17, but I am worried when it will peel off.
Also, it is the fate of Sponge filter, but as it gets old it will be torn down and it will be a concern for the durability of this product.
Those who are wearing the Racing carburetor, I think that it is better to wear the Filter in order to extend the life.

The installation of the Air Cleaner Box is too big, so if you gather information with Net you can wear it like a wisdom ring.
Give up, purchase Racing cab and get information such as Funnel + Filter.

With information of a certain Motorcycle shop I found an image fitted with 3D Air Filter to Normal Carburetor.
Things to buy, buy quickly.

After opening the goods, will you fall on Normal Carburetor will you fall down with the poros?
If you try Duct which connects Air Cleaner BOX and carburetor to pseudo Funnel, it is easy to finish the installation.

Actual driving has not yet been done, Engine took no problem.
This may be easy and easy, but I am worried about falling down.

The lifetime of the thing which I used up is exhausted and this time I bought this Filter. I decided on this product that I was concerned about since the previous thing is dirty around the carburetor because the grooming is Large strange because it is wet. Because it is a dry type, suction efficiency seems to be good.

SR 400 FCR Carburetor Body 39 φ and Bore Ace made Air AssistFunnel (Long Specification) I am using it.
"The fine dust is not exhausted and it mixes with the engine oil and even passes through the Oil Filter and it continues to hurt the engine interior endlessly (Even if Oil exchange is frequent, it can not escape). "
Since I was getting information from those that I trust personally, I applied RAMAIR filter Oil and attached it from the time of Funnel conversion.
Although I exchanged here for Reduction in cost, it seems that it is OK with basic dry type, but I applied Oil of RAMAIR filter to ride like everyday and used it.
So, the photo was taken when washing the 3D Filter, but in just a few months it was a little like this, in the dry style dust that seems to have gone through has come out in large quantity.

I applied Filter oil to what I was purchasing in spare and worn it, but I applied Shift to a slightly dark Setting due to excessive application.
Originally, as I was setting it to a thin sense of experience with Hot start countermeasure, I got to like the ride taste itself w.

FCR Carburetor Body 37 installed in Pie BlueFunnel.
Apart from fine chili, insects - It is a feeling in preparation for invasion of gravel etc..
"Dry and burning hard" I chose it in that way.
Regarding the mounting, the object's elongation was also good, and it was easy to attach Funnel to the carburetor.
I would like to see the contents at the next carburetor cleaning.