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Japan Drag Custom Cycles

Japan Drag Custom Cycles adalah bengkel modifikasi terkemuka di Jepang yang turut menyediakan aksesoris berdesain unik untuk sepeda motor Harley-Davidson. Produk Japan Drag Custom Cycles tidak hanya membuat Harley Anda terlihat lebih gagah, tetapi juga mampu menaikkan performanya.

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Ulasan Produk Japan Drag Custom Cycles

【What made you decide the purchase?】 With a transparent pocket that stores the map.
【How was it actually used in the rain?】 Even without installing Waterproof Cover, no problem if it rains a little.

【Please tell me the environment such as rainfall and time used】 Also included is Waterproof Cover like Hair Cap, without rainwater intrusion even in heavy rain.
【Fit feeling and height when wearing ? Please tell me the weight etc (Apparel case) 】
[Is there anything I was disappointed about?] I am surprised that the price is high, I am sorry for discontinuation at webkey.
【Hope for Manufacturer ? Please let me know if there are any improvement points】 If there is Tank Bag corresponding to smartphone or ETC, it is convenient and highly competitive as a product.
【Have you compared items?】 TANAX ? GoldWin
[Others] I use Tank Bag on Rear Fender.. Band is Material : It's Rubber so it will be beautiful if you wash it, and on Off-road it's easier to use than GoldWin.

Large type Motorcycle (CB450) I loved L Size for the purpose, but this time two additional mopeds (CL125) I purchased S Size for.
CoronaBag itself is defeated with L Size. It gets tired with aged deterioration. But it is the same as Jeans etc. It turns into a good feeling. Even if I buy Jeans, no one thinks that it will keep the texture of a new article the same, is it the same. Especially the color is fading. Those who used it even compared with the new article that arrived this time will see that the color is changing like White.
Well, S Size, the most different from L Size is the direction of the opening. The L Size is attached to the Tank and the Handlebar side opens, but the Siderize side opens to the front Rider side. People who bought both need familiarity.
And there was a convenient Pocket to store Rain Cover with L Size, but it was not in S Size.
The best point in Review is Size feeling, but it is Exactly in Tank of old car like CL125. Drilling at Base is required for installation. I think that it can be done simply by hollowing out according to the position of Tank cap.
Regarding capacity, I thought that it was pretty small shimmer than I imagined. It is an impression that exactly half of L Size. Rain Cover mentioned above will be pretty much free. In my case Wallet, Small change, Mobile Quantity : 2pc. Set, MobileBattery, smoking utensils, and tools, Rain Cover It was already quite full.

Included Parts : Also the installation method was together. If you are an old car rider you will not have trouble so I will skip commentary. Usability "Large-grained Handbag" I feel like the impression is most like that. Fixing and removing to Base is sure with 4 gold tools. There will be no worries such as worry of coming off during running if properly installed.

I think that installation and methods and parts are different according to the Motorcycle, so omit it. It's easy to just wrap the Rubber belt in two places.
I installed it in the SR 400.
A4 Size just comes in and my touring tool (Rain jacket - Wallet - Rain Cover included - smartphone - MobileBattery - 500mlPlastic bottle) can be afforded.
It is a good feeling that you can successfully use the top of Tank that tends to be Debt Space.
Also, it was nice to have a shoulder belt.

In Mount, depending on the type of tank, Cap is convex and does not fit well (It will not become flat) However, I put a non-slip Seat on the Reverse side of Mount and flattened it.

When refueling, it is a little troublesome because we have to lift Mount and lubricate it, but it is not too much trouble if you get used to it.

Personally I like the design because it feels a bit older looks good for SR.

Purchase Type L of Khaki Green.
DREAMCB450Export (Made in 1970) In use.
Wearing is the simplicity of just holding the Base in the Elastic band. Although it is in Picture 3, since Base interferes with Tank cap, only the Cap part was hollowed out. If you do this, you can refuel with Base attached, so it is recommended.

Bag Body is fixed with Clip at 4 places. I think strength is enough. There was no particular problem with regard to driving.
Capacity needs to be enough.
Tools, Wallet, mobile phone, MobileRouter and Battery-, smoking utensils etc. There are some margins to put in. I can not afford to buy souvenirs at the destination. Extensibility is also Zero. Perhaps it will be full capacity if you put rain gear up.
Waterproof performance, but BagBody Paraffin processed canvas (cotton) It seems to be made of a material called "Material", but water is easy to soak. In the Map Case section on the top of the Bag, the inside is a Pocket part in addition to the VinylMaterial, and we have become Vinyl + canvas + canvas and triple structure. Although I was hit by sudden heavy rain the other day, I could not install Cover but ran as it was but there was no inundation from the top and it was safe. There is a Vinyl cover attached, so if you use it correctly Waterproof will not be troubled.
Removing and mounting can be done very easily and reliably.
I often detach Convenience, meal, Toilet etc., but I do not feel troubled.

Finally, about Design.
Compatibility with old car is preeminent.
In Showa's Motorcycle, I think that Showa's Tank Bag suits you well.
Matching of shades is also great when wearing Windshield of the same Khaki Green's Asahi draft shield.

Corona's Tank Bag, when I thought I wanted out-of-print, Yahoo! Ok etc.. But I was hesitant to purchase because it was traded at high price but buying it as a regular reprint product was released.
It is made sticking to details, Included Parts : I also have Waterproof Cover and Elastic band like Shampoo hat. Instruction Manual is described carefully how to install, even for first time peace of mind Parenthesis can be installed well.
Size but there are S and L, I got lost, but I made it to L Size with Pocket in front.
For KATANA and Z etc, L is good as Size as well.

I think that Tanax and others are good performance but as for Custom parts as well as those who stick to Parenthesis is Recommendation!

Since [ pure ] it becomes smaller, it is a circumference refreshing of a handle! It hardly changes that operativity is also pure.