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JETECH menawarkan tools yang diproduksi dan diawasi dengan teknologi Jepang. Dibuat oleh tangan terampil para ahli, produk-produknya telah dijual di lebih dari 80 negara termasuk Eropa, Asia, dan Amerika Serikat.

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I was actually very pleased the first time I used them, (as opposed to just a standard straight-slot screwdriver). They held very well, and I was able to EASILY and properly tighten the connections in the circuit breaker panel. But, my biggest surprise came when I was trying to LOOSEN a factory installed screw that was installed a bit too tightly. Just couldn't get a good 'bite' with the straight-slot screwdriver. This was true regardless of the fact that the screw had a combination head for straight slot or square. The square drive fit PERFECTLY, and immediately loosened the screw.

The Spinner I used before was broken fundamental whether the Torque was overloaded (^_^;)
I am doing my best not to break this time yet.

Although it is an explosive sound, as it is commented, Baffle of Standard has few harsh sounds such as plosive sound. Because the position of the center of gravity changed compared with NORMAL, the feeling of incompatibility with Breaking and lean in was reduced. Also, because the backpressure has decreased, the feeling of donzki at Axel onOff has been reduced. As for installation, as the comment goes on the hill, the bend of Band does not match and the gap with Bracket will be opened but there is no problem if you put a spacer. Although the receiving side of the collecting part was somewhat crushed and could not fit, I hit it and fixed it. To be honest, I can relax a little bit of music, but I am satisfied that the feeling of glittering has been reduced at all.

Purchased for brembo's Air release. The impression I used is a bit of play in the loading situation and I am worried that Screw will hurt when I use it many times. It is a price item.

Purchased for SR 400's Tappet adjustment.
Also I used it before because I had rust and bending.
The deciding factor of purchase is the number of sheets and price!
At this price this number is not quite enough.
But - - I do not use it w

In addition, since it can be used for adjustment of PlugGap and measurement of various parts of Engine at Overhaul
Would it be better to have more sheets - -

At the time of opening, the root fasteners were loose and it was nearly RoseRose.
There is no problem when tightening again.

First of all, I installed this on MT-09 TRACER.
To install on TRACER, you need to remove Center Stand and change STANDBracket for MT-09.
As stated elsewhere, installation (Especially installation of Exhaust Band) Is difficult. When installing the O2 Sensor mounting hole of the center pipe slightly Up, the Silencer fits nicely. People who do not fit, because the angle here is bad, please adjust.
Exhaust Band will be positioned properly and will be properly attached as you carefully angle with your hands.
The volume is Large. We are installing Baffle for For Street, but you may need to wrap Glass Wool etc. and process it.
Power has dramatically improved. There is no need to get on with a low Torque shortage.
Installation was difficult, but it was good to buy!

It is cheap and has high Cost performance. 1pc. If there is one it is an organism. I think that it will not be damaged by buying it. Tappet adjustment etc etc. I tried to use it for purchase. There were 23 peas, even if the car type changed, I bought it without any problem and I thought it would work.

I only purchased Torque for one location, so I bought a Single Item.
The image was a tool of Gold color Plating, but the real thing is Black color.
It's low price, so it's low price, but I think it's enough.