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JMS mengembangkan dan memproduksi box motor berdesain unik berbahan FRP untuk sepeda motor jenis GYRO, CUB, dan lain-lain. Box motor JMS dirancang khusus untuk keperluan bisnis dan touring jarak jauh.

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Since it was in stock, I ordered, since I got an order to enter Gold, I handed in, "I was out of stock. I will make it now.. "Actually, it took three weeks for the product to arrive.
Meanwhile, the page of the product was in stock as it was. It looks like you do not have to fix it.
I think that it is better to check stock if you wish to purchase.

The thickness of the bottom of the product is thin compared with the old type.
The lid also rattles..

I think that the old type is better for quality.

Since Body protrudes behind Carrier from the back, we worried about the strength and attached 2 mm Aluminum plate to the bottom of Body with 4 screws. It seems just like Carrier of 110PRO, but the price is quite high. 40cm × 30cm was sold to Home center.
It is just right without cutting it. I cut TileCarpet on it and put it. A 3 mm Rubber was laid between Body and Carrier. It is 30 cm X 30 cm. I thought about changing screws because the thickness increased by 5 mm but I managed to get through it. Aluminum board and Rubber mat carefully drilled with Ball board.
I am tired from using the nerve.. I am worried about the smell inside and there is a deodorant for under the Seat of the car. It will disappear in a while. It is a feeling that it peckoko. We will not have Tent etc on top. I went to a nearby day - trip hot spring immediately. Hot spring Set 100 yen basket partition - Let's think about fixing method again.

Hinge, JHook, lock, all the mounting parts are diagonal.
Horizontal, vertical etc. Do not you care about making it?
The mounting position of the lock part is appropriate, and the lid will rattler vibrate even if it locks.

There is a Sponge sheet on the bottom, but it is also oblique and it is an obstacle when installing to the carrier.
Despite being affixed properly, it is Firmly with adhesive, so it can not be completely removed.
If you can not decent, I do not want to do any extra things.

Motorcycle flight etc.. Because I am a Manufacturer making business Box, I trusted it and purchased it, but it was completely out of place.
Formation of FRP is beautiful but it is not good except for that.
I feel like I'm making it expensive and appropriate.
No, I am actually losing it.

In the streets it is fashionable to attach Box that IRISOHYAMA sells (?) It seems that, Box there is low price, high precision, high quality.
The capacity does not change very much, and that one is more advantageous by far.

Although he wanted to attach a bigger VOX, since the VOX of JMS was the first, 65L was chosen by the trial.There is a remarkable margin in capacity and it corresponds to the Camping touring which is about one week.

Functionality is good anyhow and there is remarkable storage space.
Do I hear that an attached Screw regrettably also has a Motorcycle which does not suit by Motorcycle? Even if it deducts it, the Space in which this large scale can be stored, and a Design are recommended.

While running after wearing, the lid had made a rattle and sound. In fine adjustment of the Locke metal fittings, it was settled firmly. Opinions will just be going to be divided [
size ] in a use. The language that the greater hides the less is perfect for although I think that it is too large to daily use.

If not troublesome, another thing can be processed and it can substitute.

It is evaluation as BOX of a general-purpose article. A Size exactly good for carrying the
> brief case. Although it is natural in BOX of
FRP, I consider an inner package as it is better to create according to a load (if it remains as it is, an abrasion will stick).