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JRP menyediakan sarung tangan kulit asli berkualitas tinggi. Sarung tangan kulit JRP membuat Anda menjadi lebih nyaman saat berkendara dengan tekstur premiumnya. Sangat direkomendasikan bagi Anda rider motor bergaya retro, klasik, cafe racer, dan scrambler.

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I liked the skin so I bought it for the summer. It may be somewhat cool except for midsummer.
Spring of the same price, autumn leather (Made in China) Compared with
1 : Soft
2 : Fit in hand
3 : Sewing etc. , Making is solid.

After all the domestic products are satisfied with good quality and picking up this Manufacturer.
It is comfortable to use in Tokyo in June. It seems like washable, but it wash it
I can not comment because there is nothing.

It is an impression though what I had been overwintering in the Inner Gloves for summer Gloves

Cold weather performance ? ? ? Large satisfied! Inner None Necessarily I feel numb and cramped
Kanto ~ Kyushu Touring with New Year's holiday only with this Gloves (Including early morning at midnight) Did you do "Can I cool it down a bit?" I was able to do it.

Fit feeling ? ? ? I felt a bit cramped although it was lengthy. People with big fingers might be tight
At first it is especially tough but I feel like I can have some margin when using it

quality ? Texture ? ? ? Because it is JRP there is a sense of fine quality Durability is also high

Functionality ? ? ? It is unavoidable since it is for winter but it is useless to wear this D Ring type Helmet is hard to put on and take off The fine work gradually becomes more familiar and familiar from the beginning even though impossible for fine work

As soon as you buy "It was hard and tough and failed ..." I thought, but I continued to use it I was surprised enough to become familiar with now It is no incomplete

Leather texture and sewing are perfect! It comes with MaintenanceOil, you can feel good quality at the moment you put your hands on Gloves! Motorcycle operation is also easy and perfect!

Where I was looking for a little good Gloves, I found it in ◯ Rinka and try on it → Buy it immediately.

Skin is so soft that it gets familiar with hands more. I felt a little Small, but it changed to Just size in no time.
Is it a gift of the characteristics of leather goods and three-dimensional sewing suitable for Japanese and excellent processing technology.

Since the skin is not so thick, the cold weather is.
Here I think that it can not be helped with Trade with operability.
However, if combined with the nice equipment called Grip heater attached to the recent Motorcycle, half a day suburban touring in the first half of the temperature is enough.

I think that it is good Gloves to say that it is an excellent piece.

Soft and comfortable to wear. It is soft and has a good feeling of Fit, which leads to reduction of fatigue. It can be convinced if this price is in JAPAN. Because the leather is so durable, a little uneasy remains.

"Firm solid leather gloop" That is, the base of the thumb and the thumb are bunching processed as per the product introduction.
In situations like running over a long period of time with a severe heat like over 35 degrees, it is not that cool so to speak frankly. If you want to give top priority to coolness, I think it would be better to buy a gloop that was obediently made from Mesh fabric.
Although it is said that Gloves of Mesh fabric is often damaged considerably in one Season, and in the first place, if you think that you are going to fall, there is also a bit of anxiety.
This product "Firm solid leather gloop" As Merit of Merit, it seems that it is durable and can be used up and Protector is not attached, but since it is a firm leather, worry of turning your palm with belon will decrease.
Also, because it is leather that you can wash in water, it seems that you can use it for several years if you care carefully from time to time.
Although it is not very cool matter, when the Grip is gripping firmly the Punching part on the shell side tightly adheres to the skin so much wind does not pass. So, in a situation where it is not dangerous, if you try to put your finger on the Brake Reaper and Clutch Reper, you can deflect from the fingers to the instep and the wind will pass as it is and it will become cool as it is.
This product has several kinds of VERSION of Two-tone color, but since the everyday use gloop is Two-tone color, this time we chose Simple Tan's Coloring. Although this Tan thought that it was a monochrome finish, in fact the tone of Color was subtly changed in the side of the punching side and the punching side which was not Punching. When I look closely it looks like Two-tone color,.

I purchased JRP's Gloves for the first time. I purchased it according to SizeChart, but I was surprised to Fit like a Gloves I used for many years since I first worn it. Thin but I would like to use it for 3 Season.

First of all, I felt it in my hand, what kind of Smooth did you say Leather Gloves has a feeling I have never felt in the past.
And put hands in Gloves and repeated goo and par. Epidermis is Smooth leather but inside is that this is also nice.
Synthetic fiber Gloves is a sense of unity with hands and Gloves, I feel a sense of incompatibility, but this Gloves is an unobtrusive cozy feel.
When I got home it got rained in the first day of using Gloves Touring and it became completely Vichabisha, so I immediately "Washable leather" Handling Instruction Manual I was impressed by the texture of leather which does not change even if I wash and dry in the sun.
By the way, my hand was wet with rain, Orange color pigment made Orange color hand several days, but this is also memories.