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Ulasan Produk JT SPROCKETS

It attached to full face helmet X-TWELVE of SHOEI.
It is satisfactory.
It is very pleasing.

I am restoring purchasing a used car of XLR 80R.
The Rear sprocket that fits this car model is for CRF 80 F, with 46 Smallest Small. Even if it runs only on Dirt, it is fine, but for everyday use it is too low GEAR and Speed ??can not be issued. So, I got to this product. Heavenly help..
There is only this.

GB400 / Regarding 500 DriveSprocket, OEM Parts Number and Other Company Product rarely started to circulate, so we reached this product at the end of my hard work.
Because we are GB 400 riding, this product was not in conformity so we gave it to those of GB 500 riding, it can not be installed.
Also, when I bought fourteen teeth of JTF 290 for GB 400 from British Amazon, this one can not be installed in our Motorcycle.
When I contacted Manufacturer, I did not understand how to install Sprocket. Besides, there is no return Gold or exchange.
As for this matter, I think that webike has no fault, I think that it is better for you not to deal with the company's products that make such a sloppy thing.

My teeth crooked at about 2000 kilometers after installation
I bought it because of the cheap but this durability seems to be higher

The noise during traveling was also Large and the pain of Chain seemed to hurry so I returned it to OEM

ARAI's Shield exchange took quite a while and took time, but I loved it very much. I bought the same color with Sun visor. It was Clear so far, it looks somewhat dark, but there is no effect on driving. Also, although it is not HelmetManufacturer, Shield's distortion is not felt and is a good item.

Accuracy is comparable to OEM Product.
I purchased Clear silver for Z - 7,
The mounting part is transparent through the Machine part a little Parenthesis well,
The shield part of the bottom is about Mirror which can not see the face at all.
Clear so night visibility was also good.

good point
- Dazzling will be alleviated even in summer. In the case of OEM's Smoke, if direct sunlight enters sight, such as in the evening, it is dazzling, so the effect seems high.
- Because of OEMBase, the installation is exactly the same.
A bad point
- Although it may be light adjustment, when you suffer Helmet, the color changes depending on the place. Color : I chose Sky Blue, but the front looks like Orange color and the side looks like Blue.

It seems to be useful in summer.

I have gotten shield base color clear titanium coating color silver. Left mirror shield right clear shield on picture. It is nice to me.