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JUN international

Jun International adalah manufaktur suku cadang mesin dan akesoris ternama untuk motor Monkey, Gorilla, Cub, dan lainnya. Produk Jun International dapat digunakan untuk restorasi maupun dalam meningkatkan performa motor Anda.

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Ulasan Produk JUN international

Bore up, when buying Clutch for slip prevention. I am thankful that Gasket and Hexagonal's Bolt are included when installing. Compared with NORMAL 's Spring, feeling shrunken by hand is obviously Jun' s stiff and sticky, wire diameter is also thick. I attached it to Normal clutch. Our CUB is Engine Displacement Volume 105 - carburetorPC20 - Jun's InnerMegaphone Exhaust System Spec. However, Clutch has no slip at all. However, Shift feel of Mission naturally becomes hard as Reinforced Clutch becomes (Heavy) It will become, but I got used to running it for a while.
As Direct's sense of Clutch increased, it became linked with Throttle, and running is quite enjoyable as well.

A price is also cheap and it is preeminent for effect. It was easy to see
picking theory.

a Chinese-made 107-cc Engine and what is called a Chinese Engine -- it was used, and even if what was surprised, it was surprised for the first time in upheaval.
I drove about on 3500k for three months, and thought whether a Chinese Engine was such a thing after all, saying the maximum high speed is inelastic and the start not being good. a Clutch is slippery somehow from
, however the beginning -- mind -- putting in the strengthening Spring of a famous Jun International, if strengthened most since it was felt as ...... which is clever.
photograph left is a strengthening Spring and the right is a Chinese Engine standard Spring. The color of a cross section is different and die length also differs from hardness. The clutch unit of
Chinese Engine is also equipped satisfactorily, and it kicks if compelled.
-- very reliable -- kicking and ceasing -- 。
and start.
start is sharp. An Axel is just followed. The maximum speed was extended. Is it what changes like this by the
Since it has not supplied with oil like 100k yet, the influence and durability to fuel consumption are unknown, but if those who worry also about the pure Engine or the Chinese Engine equip, they will think that it is good.

The spring of the takegawa centrifugal strengthening clutch kit was exchanged for this JUN spring, and was constructed.
Is the combination of a 32-sheet weight +JUN spring the strongest in a centrifugal clutch? Although 96 cc is equipped, there is no slip.
Even when it is exaggerated 100 cc, doesn't it arrange? However, let's protect less than 10000 revolutions.
(Limit of a centrifugal clutch)