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K-PLUS menyediakan tas motor berbahan kulit sintetis yang awet dan kedap air. Dirancang khusus untuk touring, tas motor K-PLUS mudah dipasang dan digunakan. Anda bisa memilih tas motor kulit warna hitam untuk menambah kesan premium pada motor Anda.

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This is good although some people may show unwillingness according to throwing away.
A towel and after pressuring upwards and using it in the cross of business, it is likely to become a cause of a detailed polish crack so that the dust gradually wiped off also with thinking that it washed firmly may accumulate, but there are also no such worries in case of throwing away.
The size is also exactly found useful well using a motorcycle.
Once it uses, the mind which returns to the cheap towel for a car wash will be exhausted.
It is one article I want beautiful favorite Rider to try by all means.

It's cheap.
About this.

I squeezed it twice with two car wash tears.

But, I guess .... I do not smoke too much..

I have not used it, but I am expecting it because it is Soft 99. I do not have much Sponge car wash surface, so it's handy. It is easy to wash small parts because the surface is bogoboko.

I purchase Repeat and I am always in stock. I do not have a space to wash it, I want to keep it in a beautiful state Always good for myself. It is good to wipe with Large texture. Because it costs a shipping cost when you buy only this item, it is luxurious troubles that you must purchase with something together.

I bought it with Motorcycle shampoo.

It is soft and easy to wash as the title, but because of its softness, Body's Sponge will be missing.
I was lacking five places by washing car at the beginning of use,
"It is better to lack Sponge if it hurts Body" Although it is recommended for those who say it, we do not recommend it for those who dislike Yellow color Sponge falling polo post after car wash.

Try a little more, it's inexpensive so it's fine if you feel like disposable.

I bought it for wiping off the insects that caught in Helmet at the traveling destination.

As soon as Orange oil formulation, from the moment of opening the seal, the fragrance of Orange spreads frankly with irritating smell like Ethanol.
Just singing that it does not use petroleum solvent, the point that it can be used with confidence in the resin part is excellent.

Because Seat is so thick, so long as you do not enter Chica LAU, it will not be torn.

However, indeed Helmet (Shield) Cleaner solution was used as it was, it became a trace, and it was necessary to do a dry wiping in a hurry as a result.

Although I would like to reduce baggage as much as possible on the road, it is necessary to prepare Seat for dry wiping with this,
I do not want such a thing (-_-;)

There is no particular dissatisfaction with the part used for the car body, the fragrance due to Orange oil and the peace of mind derived from nature are not found in other products, but Repeat does not seem to be useless because it can not be used for going out.

I am going to return to Being easy. Recommended for those who are not good at car washing with Polished.

<Where to be worrisome>
The take-out adhesive opening becomes weaker when using it. Worried about drying out.

I bought it for price adjustment.
I was able to take the Tube Lube cleanly from Chain.
Although it is small amount with 10 sheets, it is satisfactory as performance.
I will buy it again when it runs out..