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KADOYA adalah pabrikan pioneer pembuat jaket kulit yang penuh pengalaman asal Jepang. Semua produk berbahan kulit aslinya dibuat secara lokal dan dicintai oleh berbagai generasi.

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Since the goods which were being used for about ten years deteriorated, it made.
it is this, although it was simple, and was not bulky and the strong and smart thing was looked for -- since the goods ! were not able to be encountered, this product was used after all.
from the first -- a kadoya -- Although it is that it is favorite .. it is strong anyhow!

Height 170 Weight 59 Khaki Colors M Size Purchase My body type has enough room to wear thin Parka inside. It was good with the feeling of Size as thought I thought.

You can use it in conjunction with a Button in the middle of TWINCase.
I am using it as a Side bag attached to Motorcycle.
Cigarette and writer, portable ashtray and smartphone Side Stand Plate are stored.

Texture is not a problem.
Personally I like the design.
There is no problem with comfort.

Afterwards I like Design, so I wonder if my likes and dislikes will separate?

Compared with Hammer glove, leather is thin and instead lining is attached and it is made with an emphasis on anti-cold performance.
I think that it matches Kadoya's leather jacket.

It's cool, but with the Plate of Gold genus in the palm of your hand the Grip end will be full of scratches.
I am removing it there and using it.
Quality and appearance are perfect.

It is made of thick leather.
The texture is very good.
Compatibility with the Wallet holder is also outstanding.
I use it together with Main belt with Over Pants.

Just a little Small if I put in bills.

The quality of leather is also high and it is sturdy.
Sometimes it's too sturdy and the wallet's in and out is Large strange but there are also designs so I am satisfied.
I use it with Main belt and Mill Specifications Wallet.