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60 tahun sejak didirikan, KAISE hingga saat ini terus aktif dalam mengembangkan, memproduksi, dan menjual berbagai alat ukur digital.

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Back light is also attached, numbers are also 3. Large display with 5 digits display Easy to see.
Voltage, current, resistance, energization and can be measured at once,
It is easy to switch even with RangeSwitch being Gloves,
Price is also cheap so Recommendation.

A number is not too large, and since the gap of a number and a number is also right just, it is very legible. It is convenient when it uses also putting an inclination STAND on a floor. It may be somewhat large in order to use having by hand, since it is thick.

Although he bought management of the Trouble of a generating system, since the Motorcycle store was also using the same one, he bought it. It is easy-to-use at the
Automatic range, and turning on electricity, resistance, ac and dc, and treatment can be performed simply, and are satisfactory.

This pocket tester.
In fact, although it has come out of many manufacturers, contents are the same OEM products.
It is the low-priced edition of 3300 counts which I am using in grades lower one rank than the type of a kaise.
It is YOKOGAWA M&C Brando's product.
However, although I think whether to be a solution loan as comparing and getting a photograph, the number and design of a switch differ from each other, but they are contents... It is the same.
It is small thin and easy-to-use.
This is enough if it is the continuity check and amplitude measurement of a motorcycle.
Is lead wire of a difficulty a little short?
The rest is reinforcement.
The root of lead wire was weak to crookedness, and I bought it and exchanged lead wire at least by Sakka for three years.
However, although the model has not changed, it is cheaper than that time fairly.
It seems that the tester has come out of manufacturers various now, and there is also a product which is less than 1000 yen in inside.
However, I think that this card tester is a best match if you would like to adhere to smallness and accuracy.

The cause which buys this product is being one hand and being able to perform range exchange quickly. -- It is right.
Only with the thumb, range exchange can be performed and it greatly actually contributes to the time reduction of work.
Since a price is also handy, it is O.
However, since it is lead wire with a built-in main part, I think that there is no durability of the tester stick itself.
They are legible goods with a capital letter, without a crystalline liquid getting damaged since it is with a case.