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KAPPA adalah produsen aksesoris asal Italia yang menyediakan box, tas, dan winshield dengan desain yang indah dan fungsionalitas yang tinggi. Selama 60 tahun, KAPPA telah berdedikasi dalam membantu para rider agar tetap nyaman dan aman selama berkendara.

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Just by removing the OEM and screwing in Screw it is easy to install. Almost impeccable.
Rectification effect is as expected and satisfied.
Although there is no interference with the Brush guard at the lowest position of the Screen, it does not interfere with the Brush Guard at all, but it gently lightens near the Handlebar full lock at the middle position and completely interferes at the highest position. Since it is within the assumption, it is thinking whether Guard side can manage somehow.
Immediately on the first day of installation the interference with Guard quickly restored with Plastic cleaner that I attached with Wound for many years.

Even if the original Screen has the highest height, the head overhead of the Helmet is hit by the wind, so when moving the neck, it often happens that the Helmet's brim is brought to the wind, but after exchange the wind does not hit the helmet at all Hmm.
Also, with regard to the horizontal direction, Original was hit by the wind from the arm to the shoulder, so it was troubled because only the arm gets wet, such as when sudden rain while running is coming down. This Screen also protrudes in the sideways direction, and the upper body is almost windless while running. Wind Cutting As the sound disappears, the sound of Engine and Exhaust System became easier to hear.
However, it is regrettable that the DL 1000 V-STROM is not totally comfortable because the tank's overhang is small and the wind blowing of the lower body is strong. I hope to have products such as Side coverDeflector.
By the way, since this product has entered the bag of PetitPetit, I reuse it as Screen Cover when applying Motorcycle Cover. Size is quite Large so it will help prevent scratching.

Simple design without a useless design is fine, but Mesh is pretty bent and it gets pretty solid when pushed from behind. It is difficult to understand if attached to a vehicle ....
Installation precision is good, it seems to protect from insect Hit etc.

In comparison with NORMAL, the vertical direction becomes a little longer and it becomes wider in the horizontal direction. At NORMAL, the wind that gathers around the neck and felt strongly hits is feeling weakened by the feeling of escape in the horizontal direction.
shape ? I think that the color is also nice, and it fits Tac Racer.
Large It becomes a style which was regarded as refreshing without rubbing.

There are other Screens that only prevent winds, but I think that Screen has a balance of Style and rectification.

Super easy to install Screw 4 only. Custom Beginners can easily exchange.

The thickness of Screen is also firm, it is Quality which is the same as OEM.

I interfere with the Knuckle guard, which is exchanging the Handlebar, but I think that it will probably not interfere if NORMAL.

I attached it to the 2017 model V-Strom 1000.

Carrier made by GIVI or recently SEA BASSOEM also has similar design.
I think that the design property is far better than the plastic made by Carrier.
On the other hand, although Cost performance is bad, compared to GIVI made or SEA BASSOEM,
This Kappa make it much higher Cost performance.
Since the appearance changes only about Seal, there is no choice but to choose this cheap product.

Installation difficulty is also very easy.
If you give up, since the Screw lock material is applied to Bolt which carries the car body and Carrier to a large extent, it was hard enough to remove it.

As a disadvantage of the feeling of use, there is a protrusion to fix the box,
Without it it became Flat and it was easier to use, but it can not be helped.

Anyway Manufacturer (GIVI and OEM) If I am not particular about it, I think it's a good one.

For installation, it is necessary to remove the OEM's Guard and also remove the base's Mounting Bracket.
Temporarily attach the included BRKT afterwards, apply the Guard, confirm the angle of the BRKT, and then fully tighten the Guard before installing the Guard.
It is Bolt 4 books to remove Guard when it is OEM, but this product will increase to 6 pieces.
Also, although BRKT is Painted, Guard Body seems to be unpainting, unprocessed.
I purchased durable paint and repainted before installing it.
Washer and so on so many things Double - sided Tape pasted in the Bolt hole to prevent loss during OIL exchange.
Long distance forest road Touring is a hobby and I am expecting durability. (Since it was hard to install)

'17 AdjustableScreen type attached to VFR 800X.
It seems that the previous MODEL and Screen themselves are common.

Screen of VFR 800X has few choices, and it was good that the shape was simple, so I chose this KAPPA.

No mounting accuracy problem, quality is also made more robust than I thought.
Adjustable It is enough up wind protection at the bottom.
If you put it on top, you can windbreak with Helmet.

Coexistence with OEMKnuckle guard of VFR 800X No problem.
About 3 fingers are available in Handlebar Lock state.

Speaking of the difference between the product page and the product page, is it that the Emblem of KAPPA is affixed just under the Center.

Although I think that preference can be separated in Design, personally I am satisfied with Large satisfaction. Excellent wind pressure and insect repellent effect at high speed. Although it was fixed at 2 points, there was somewhat uneasy, but it is firmly fixed. We need to order special mounting parts other than Shield. I think that COSPA is higher person than other companies' products. Originally delivery schedule was about 3 months, but it arrived in just a month.