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KCM merupakan produsen khusus rantai asal Jepang yang memproduksi banyak jenis rantai seperti rantai transmisi, rantai sepeda, rantai untuk motor, rantai untuk mesin pertanian, rantai untuk mesin industri dan masih banyak lagi.

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Ulasan Produk K.C.M.

420-110 LINK was used for original attachment.
Joint is easy to install with Clip formula.
Like other ChainManufacturer, White Grease does not paint it all over.
I only used painted Oil of Rust stop so I painted Chain lube and used it.
Although I do initial stretch, I think that durability does not change with other Manufacturer because it has not extended so much since it stretched once.

KCM is ChainManufacturer in Japan. Please note that it is different from KMC.

It is used in 428 → 420 Conversion of RZ50.

Large If it is a land made Chain, it is a substitute that Grease does not move at all unless it is cleaned before use at the time of opening, but this time it also supplely moved without cleaning the condition.

Because it is a non-sealed chain, it really moves lightly.
Running became smoother enough to feel bodily experience with Conversion.

It also runs on a rainy day, although it is no maintenance, the initial elongation is less than I thought, and I can use comfortably without play, rust, Kink.
There will be no such thing as durability breaking.

It was Chain's Joint method which was the only point of concern, but it was Clip instead of Crimp. I am complaining..

At first it was uneasy because it was too cheap, but now it's too cheap to worry about whether Manufacturer will make money.

Although the Chain cutter was required, others did not need a special tool, either but it has exchanged them easily unexpectedly. They are Front 15T, rear 33T and a Chain, and a three-point Set. The
price seems to be very cheap and a problem does not seem to have elegance in particular.