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KENTEC menawarkan custom part khusus untuk motor cruiser pabrikan Jepang dan Harley-Davidson. Aksesoris dari KENTEC dilengkapi dengan plating yang menambah kesan mewah pada motor Anda.

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Owned car Yamaha R100 ROADSTER Midnight Silverado 2006 year
Start mounting work as soon as the product arrives! Easy to Sound comfortable after engine start
It is not an explosion rather than the imagined sound. It is not enough to worry even if Baffle Silencer without it is Large !?
Easy installation can be mounted as well.

I attached it to Honda's Logo hidden and Gorgeous feeling Up. I am satisfied with my self-satisfaction..
Various FOR JAPAN MODEL Manufacturer deals with it, but probably I think that it is all made by kuryakyn.
By the way, if you search by Net,. I think that items can be purchased for less than 10,000.

As expected it is making Ken TEC.
Texture is not cheap, it also has a heavy feeling.
It also has Bracket and can be attached to DRUG STAR.

The exhaust sound will change.
Large Thick and thick.
The fastest speed will rise.

Jet is also included so you do not have to adjust it over time or gold.
Depending on the Exhaust System, I think that it is no problem with Jet attached to Kit if Drag pipe, Slash cut etc..

Although it feels a bit high, it can be said that it is suitable for the price considering the point that there is no need for adjustment and the quality of goods.

If you dare to mention problems ...

Slow speed comes out.
It may be due to the changed Exhaust System ...
It is natural that this is a Custom.

Considering the painting, because there is not made a place where Screw sticks, paint may get stuck when installed after painting. In other words, it may be said that it is made with accuracy as much.

I painted Black and made a simple valve to adjust the Jet adjustment and the amount of air intake so that it would be my favorite run.

Harley FAT BOB of the 1980s had this type of Exhaust System and I longed for it.
Buy BIKU with Return. Although it was Dual Silencer's external goods Exhaust System,
Purchase immediately.
Installation was not too difficult.
It becomes a heavy sound and I am satisfied but I wonder if the feeling sound is Large.
Contact Manufacturer Thank you for your prompt response to add Gold Shovel and Glass Wool.
It became a satisfactory volume.

The appearance is completely complaints
Good texture, fog arrangement and so on Balance is good so there is a sense of unity like OEM.

The difficulty is, in the case of amateurs, is still installed
The installation itself is easy for easy.
Even if an amateur does it, it is a haze attached if it is 2 hours, but Bullet Terminal processing is necessary by cutting Wiring of Blinker on Body side.
Indeed, the Instruction Manual is only with Rucksack rewritten characters, and there are not any sites that explain to details in detail even with Net.
It is very troublesome if you do not check where the connection with the chitin is related to Blinker. Also, in addition to general tools, Electric Works Pliers is also required.

Also, I do not yet know what is wrong, but my own was running for a while after installing Blinker started to cause a high flasher.
Valve exchange, exchange of Blinker relay, etc. - - Although I think I will try it, I do not find much information I want, even if I search a lot in Net, I think that it is safe to ask a person with knowledge close to that PRO to install it.

I bought a Motorcycle for the first time in 30 years last year, and I am drawn to charm. However, I was not satisfied with the sound of the String Rush Exhaust System that I arrived at the time of purchase, and I bought this time.
The volume is quite loud, but the sound quality is impressed by the bass sound.
Torque does not fall even at low speeds, and since around 60 km, it was as good as not being compared with the previous one, and it was solved from the earlier bad feeling.
This Kentec absolute recommended item.

DRUG STAR CLASSIC 400 Injection mounted in a car. If you have a box wrench you can attach it by attaching it. Although it is the key sound, Idling is more like a gogogo than a doododo. The sound volume is a bit bigger than I expected, but it is not enough to cause a neighborhood inconvenience.
SHIFT UP up to high revolution during acceleration, plunging sound, but it is not enough to worry. The appearance looks like Plating is beautiful and shape and like an old-fashioned Harley. As an external exhaust system, I think that it is sound quality, volume, appearance, passing point.

I\'m really happy with the Exhaust I love the sounds. And also like that you can remove the Baffle silencers. Thank you very much.