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Japan shipment arrived in 4 days, replaced carburetor overhaul pack vibration is less, a lot of low torsion enhancement. including 4 oil needles can adjust 4 kinds of mixing ratio debugging satisfaction.

Carburetor Vehicles purchased here because it is the first time.
It is very compact and kindly separated individually. It comes with fine parts, and it is truly a complaint product.
The Instruction Manual is easier to understand than anything else, it depends on the symptoms and how to set up and the state of the plug, I was really thankful. For me who did not know Right or Left such as part number, this product is a must-have item.

Obtained vehicle (3XV4) He was concerned about deterioration of Jet due to Tank being rusted, Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) I also used it together.
I heard rumors that the key Star's Jet kind is slightly erroneous when it is Mikuni type carburetor, but there was not any problem at all.

OEM count + DFRStainless Steel Chamber lightly dandruff like lying from around 3750 rpm.

Even if putting the OEM count of this kit after cleaning, if dandruff is bad, please doubt the power jet. Our car was clogged severely.

I thought that the Gold component is good. Float Chamber Packing grew in a day. I got into trouble with the combination. I thought that it was Rubber quality problem ant.

RVF400R / Purchased for 1998 MODEL
- KEYSTER key Star Carburetor Fuel Adjustment Kit
Item Number : FH-5297N
Currently, it seems that you can not buy it at the home WebSite, but it was nice to purchase it at the time of change.
Included Parts : And the Instruction Manual are kind, but there is no explanation individually as to what Case types contain
First look is hard.
Also, since parts are also for KEIHIN and can be purchased with OEM Product of E-Bay or HONDA, this Cost
Clearly speaking it is too high.
Instruction Manual You can think of Gold.

The inquiry from the inquiry form can not be made with an error and the telephone can not be contacted because the defective item of Jet needle arrived.
No RR required, L is Quantity : 2pc.
What is this.
Please contact me soon..
I am in trouble..

Manufacturing is also good, many kinds are Quantity : Since it is set, you can try various things. It is currently replacing and trying, but because of hang in the decomposition of carburetor it is self-responsibility.

Twenty years ago the last engine started checking the longitudinal carburetor is fuel leaked, overflowing fuel cartridge than Packing. Fuel Cook packing exchange to eliminate fuel leak. Float part Base packing, Float chamberwith Hole Replacement of repair, Needle Valve, Needle, Overflow elimination. Main jet, Pilot Jet, Air screw, Throttle Screw Replacement, Install on the Engine Start up and adjust each part in Idling state and confirm that it is largely good, exchange at the end the carburetor O-ring, Float Chamber Gasket. Even running tests are good from low speed to high speed range. I broke the carburetor over and over again but thanks to the fuel kit Kit, Packing set I was able to recover.