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K&H adalah brand yang khusus memproduksi jok motor. Jok K&H dibuat dengan bahan berkualitas premium dan disesuaikan dengan bentuk dan tinggi motor sehingga Anda dapat berkendara dengan nyaman.

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Picture up was carried out.

wonderful one -- it is a word.

? The ass slips forward in Breaking
? Waist during Cornering is not decided, it does not come nicely
? Asss hurts within an hour
? Unhappy with Rear suspension
? I do not do SYNC
This is all influenced by OEMSeat. It is poorer than Replica and can not be weighted grabbed firmly, shape is strange OEMSeat's.
07 If you ride it first you can not taste real good unless you change it to this. It might be a bit expensive but it's worth it.
I want you to tell from 07 to change this first. NORMAL ○ ○ Is it true?.

Seat high is NORMAL and those who say Gili, there is also Low seat.

It may be hesitant to price, but definitely commodities commensurate with the price.
Polite work at the metamorphosis Level both front and back.
Seat There is no Wrinkle on the back of the skin on the back, so I think how long it is to make one Seat together Politeness. Very good quality.

Normal seat starts to hurt when it runs over 200 km and it hurts to raise your butt from Seat around 400 km when it runs Large strange.
So when you are traveling a long distance, promote blood flow with one sitting & ass Stretch, making a painful effort and 600 km.

I think there are individual differences and Suspension's settings, but feeling that a little pain begins when I thought that the high seat of K & H was sitting and it was about 400 km soon.
But if you drink a Coffee in Seven, you will recover immediately Level.

Those who suffer from hurting the butt are better to buy this Seat from the beginning than to use Gold as if it was useless with the cushion system and other inexpensive Seats..

I think that you can think that feet arrive like NORMAL even at High seat.

【What made you decide the purchase?】
1. Design that suits W800.
2. Maximum Large Limit of Largest Permitted on Tank.
3. There is some thickness.
What satisfied all of these was this item.

【How was it actually used?】
Originally Tank Pad is attached to W800, but it was removed when Tank was Paint. However, even with the OEM's Knee Grip Pad, I have legs at Right Side's Bevel Gear Cover, not only can not Knee grips but also burn injuries. There are also many who have the same trouble.
So, a thick Knee Grip Pad has become necessary.
Looking for it is surprisingly thick Knee Grip Pad is less.
In terms of appearance, I prefer DOREMI COLLECTION 's, but I abandoned it because it was Large ruined and it took Tank' s Emblem (total length 25 cm thick 1. 5 cm). By the way, this K & H made is 20 cm. There is about 2 cm in thickness, but after confirming by temporarily stopping it was necessary a little more thickness, we added a 5 mm shooting Rubber sheet.
As an actual feeling of use, although the knees are still slightly in touch, it has become acceptable range.
I look exactly like an OEM.
Although it is subjectivity, this product suits the Tard of the Teardrop system such as W800 and SR.
Large size and thickness of goods, Material etc., Catalogetc. For those items which I do not know even by examining it, I checked it via webike and decided it as a judgment material. (webike : Thank you for the quick response)

【Was it difficult to install? (Hard parts case)】
Although there is not a difficult thing, since it is a one-shot game if it is an adhesive, we recommend that you mark the positioning as targeted by Right and Left.
Rubber type adhesive is included in the product.
→ (Photo 2 : reference)
I used Double-sided Tape to paste to Tank considering the necessity of hardening time and the trouble of peeling off. Even with things that are said to be "super strong", since Rubber is hard to adhere, one side always uses Rubber adhesive. This Large thing!
→ (Photo 3 : reference)
It seems that there has been no peeling although about 1 week has passed..
Please select the pasting method at your own risk.

【Please tell me the point of installation and hang (in the case of Hard parts)】
1. Degreasing of adhesive surface
2. Especially in the case of Double-sided Tape, it becomes hard to peel off when warming the object before pasting Tape.
3. It is good to fix it so that it does not move after pasting. (There are memories seen at the site of Manufacturer)
→ (Photo 4 : reference)

【Fit feeling and height when wearing ? Please tell me the weight etc (Apparel case) 】
Although it is not a thing to wear, the fit of the foot when Knee grip is still not good for OEM. I am convinced by saying Universal Product.
height : 172cm
body weight : 65kg
Length of foot : Probably ordinary (It is solid at W 800)

[Is there anything I was disappointed about?]
Especially it is not MinusPoint but Material : Because there is a Rubber and a height, when returning the foot down to footpeg, because there is no slip, the knees may be caught. Conversely, Breaking will hold your body firmly. Even if there is a height there is nothing to deform with a gray scale.

【Hope for Manufacturer ? Please let me know if there are any improvement points]
I think that the feeling of Fit will be improved if you give a little more roundness to the Kado area around the foot-hitting face.

【Have you compared items?】
Made by DOREMI COLLECTION. I still think that I am still the best in terms of design.

good point
The mating surface with Tank has become a three-dimensional curved surface and it is difficult to float when pasting.
This Large thing! If you adjust the plane Pad to the Tank of the curved surface, the skimmer will be free. I feel like I know.
→ (Photo 5 : reference)

Because the inside is hollow, the hit is soft. And, like not to be too collapsed (I think that) There are two holders. This is also Large thing!
→ (Photo 2 : reference)

A bad point
Pretty much BALI remains. I removed it..
→ (Photo 6 : reference)

As a general comment, as well as looks without a feeling of retrofitting, it almost satisfies the functions that I am in need of, and moreover, since this price, I am satisfied with Large.
Certainly, compared with other Pads, if you look at only the price, it will be about twice, but if you consider it as a functional part instead of a decorative part it is a reasonable price. (I have never tried cheap)
K & H made by using it. You do a good job..
Recommended for people who are looking for a thick Pad!
→ (Photo 1 : reference)

Just a good Length seems to be less shaky.Although attached to the W650, the position is easy to match with the attached paper,

I watched the item and it was Big Ri. BALI is terrible.
I can not use it unless I finish it myself.
Adhesive surface also has convex Is it a Gas puncture hole?
It may be a premise to finish and use.
People who care about small things and clumsy people are cautious.
The overall texture is good.

First of all, I declined, I purchased the High seat of S - 8101.
Even with a height of 162 cm, it's High seat, the footstep does not change in particular.
Purchase because of the thickness, because feeling of long-distance tiredness is different.
I ran a 1,200 kilometers on Sanin in Sanin,
It is considerable fatigue alleviation compared to EFFEX Gel Zab R which was attached before.
In this Seat there is almost no hurting of buttocks.

I met OEMComfort seat, Gel Zab and I was able to meet somehow convincing things.