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Sejarah KPM sangat berhubungan erat dengan drag race. KPM memproduksi klep, bosh klep dan per yang dibuat oleh para ahli di Amerika Serikat dengan sempurna.

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It attached to CRM80 (HD12 and 94 models).You are polite, and there is sense of security, and structure of the main part is light, and strong.
However, the attached color was too long to attach as it is.A part for 1 cm of convenience was cut with right and left off by the Grinder every 5 mm, respectively, and it became exact die length.In the model of
CRM, a difference could not be regarded to Frame width as it being, it ? which will be why --
Swerved to it, and except is satisfied.

The difference of loading nature spreads, so that 8 and a load become heavy greatly with a square pipe in a loading hook, although it is the grade that it is back long about 15 mm, in an installing condition compared with a pure Carrier. Moreover, I think that it is light, texture is also good and it has adapted itself to the pure lay car body. I am glad in it being +50~75 mm in width+50 and die length if it may be allowed to wish so much as itself. [ of
load large quantity ]

There is only a product made from an Aluminum and it is light.
It dents only by [ the ] a Carrier being stained with a crack, even if it has done comparatively strongly and topples the
Motorcycle, or is not said that it bends. The circumference of rear one of a Motorcycle is also unhurt by the favor of the
Since it rusts although used for about nine years, it does not become precocious.
There is nothing with better there being die length to a slight degree for which inconvenience was
Felt by the present die length although kana ~ Considered. Since it is a square pipe when a Hook of
load Net is hooked, if the point which even
worries is said, it slides.

He wanted to stick a big back to XLR250 R/MD20, and this of the most desirable form was chosen.
Also when the waist is back pulled without a load, it is satisfied also with quality as the hips are thrown, it does not seem to be, and is light with aluminum and anodized processing is carried out! If a useful load is also large since he thinks that a load can be stuck in the form straddled from a carrier to a sheet!?

To the panel of it being cut by the necessity of attaching BOX to carrying a load at work although it came without having attached the carrier since ten years from XR-BAJA purchase, and attaching a carrier at last ...
The delivered product was so light that it was disappointed, although it became heavy and he thought that I was disagreeable.
I became so good that there is sense of stability and a settlement of a touring bag can also be compared with before, since the load carrying face is even, and thought that I should have attached this earlier.
When I have you fall and help by off-road one, although it had before trouble [ place / on which a hand is hung ], it is an easy victory, thanks to a sidearm.
Although it worried also about the setting position of ETC, last-minute clearance has been secured.
However, when tampering with a battery or an air cleaner, it became very troublesome to open a side cover.
Pains are taken to let color pass in a bolt in the narrow portion into which a finger does not go.
It always has trouble [ motorcycle / which a battery goes up in many cases / of me ].

slightly high -- although considered, it purchased.
Even if attached, since the scene of the car body was seldom spoiled, it was good.
And by that there is a carrier and the thing which is not, facilities are absolutely different.
It was good to buy it truly.

It was not attached as the description and cheap SUCHIIRU bolt metal fittings and a bolt came off to the stainless nut.
It is wonderful in what is considered [ what ] and sold.

Although other manufacturers' iron carriers were used before, the rice cake of surface preparation exchanged for this product bad.
Although it is used for about five years, it is not thought that surface preparation has been cracked.
Surface preparation is still in the state at the time of purchase.
weight is iron carriers' minute half [ about ].
I think that it suits by motorcycle of any colors since a color is also gray.
I think that neither a form nor a size breaks such a sporty large atmosphere that a motorcycle has that there is nothing that carriers are conspicuous.
The way of structure is solid.