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KICK STAND PAD menyediakan sepatu standar samping untuk memudahkan Anda memarkir motor. Dengan menggunakan KICK STAND PAD di bawah standar samping motor, Anda dapat memarkir motor Anda dengan mudah bahkan di jalan yang tidak rata dan bergelombang seperti jalan kerikil, rerumputan, area berpasir dan tanah berlumpur.

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You should attach this absolutely.
It is recommended.
There is no photograph.

It is a handbook if it is suzuki paste?

There is only a maker - OEM, the shape of the Screen mount is wonderful! There is no wasteful bracket on the Handlebar or Front fork, as if it is just like a shipping condition Design sitting is good.

The sissy bar is very good product and quality,it’s missing the details of the product and extra pic is required. The delivery it took 6 days to reach me with EMS ,notifications of the status of the shipment is up to date with no delay. The installation of the product as described on the installation manual which included on the shipment. Thank u webike for great service and commitment.

About the windbreak effect, although it is 185 cm tall, I do not feel the need to make Large.
Viewability, from the Driver side looks like a rectangular flat plate without undulations. Edge distortion disappears and visibility improves.
Design property, circumference Cutline is square and monotonous compared to NORMAL.

It installed in SV 650 ABS. Although it was able to be installed without machining, since the installation Instruction Manual is difficult to understand, I think that those who are not good at Motorcycle messing will get lost.

100? / I am satisfied with the large change in the rectifying effect at high speed driving with h.
100 in Standard? / When traveling, there was a need to lower the upper body in a state that feels considerable wind pressure on both shoulders, but after installation (Angle maximum Large) , Wind pressure became higher than the shoulder, making it much easier to drive at high speed.
It will be a season when the temperature will fall from now, considering the cold we also have windshield effect and I think that it is good for long distance travel.

I was worried about attaching to ADDRESS 110, but Left slightly interfered, but there was no problem. I ran and ran, but I did not feel the wind. It was good.