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KIJIMA menawarkan berbagai sparepart motor untuk Harley-Davidson, motor cruiser, motor mini, motor supersports, dan motor-motor lainnya. Dengan teknologi yang diproses secara mutakhir, KIJIMA tidak hanya memproduksi sparepart custom, namun juga sparepart replacement.

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selalu puas dengan belanja di webike. barang original dan sesuai dengan deskripsi. cuma pengiriman agak lama saja

Thanks it respond the model and looks good on my motor, the material is excellent, i think it will last for a long time, easy to install and easy to clean, i hope it can be use for a long time, good price, thanks Kijima & Webike i think i will buy 1 or 2 pcs more for spare.

Precision quality and light

In my humble opinion, these are the best warm flu that I had before. I purchased them for my Honda SB 1000 and tested them for a long time during the cold autumn motorcycle races. Excellent ergonomics and easy installation are undoubted advantages. Installation took me no more than 20 minutes. Surely this is the best choice for me! My short video:

It's compatible, but it's not 100% right, so we needed additional processing. It would be nice to refer to it when you buy it.

This does not fit the 2018 Suzuki GSX-S1000 vehicles. I bought it because I thought it was used for general use, but it didn't fit. If you put a more detailed description on it, you won't get the wrong purchase. For your information, the picture is a Suzuki genuine relay.

It is a recommend to the person ! only with a pure cap which is not black smart even if it purchases a special radiator tank.

It purchases in order to make it Mr. SUKESUKE of the radiator line of a zoomer (ruckus).
The hose from a radiator to a pump can exchange with this product.