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KINGDOM merancang dan memproduksi sparepart untuk Kawasaki ZEPHYR seperti lampu depan, pelindung, bodywork dan masih banyak lagi. Aksesoris KINGDOM dapat membuat tampilan Kawasaki ZEPHYR Anda lebih modern.

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Fit my suomy helmet. It is the cheapest in the region. I will recommend all to buy with no hesitation. Thanks for selling this webike!

I bought it for use from morning till night. Because the string part is Straight, even if I cover the full face, I was able to put it without problems.
I used it in conjunction with Soft smoke 's Mirror shield, but during the day it will not get too dark, inside the Tunnel etc, open the Shield etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc. , There is no problem in using it in a dark place. Running at night also softens Headlight of oncoming vehicles.
The difficulty is that since Nose peace is a little hard, when it is used for a long time, it is marked on the nose.

I'm a big fan of Dovichioso. JapanFit adoption of interior decisive, decided to purchase. So far it was ARAI, so if you have the same L Size, you will feel the url of Fit feeling, but with a soft embossed feeling, of course it will not be grateful. It was the cheapest in comparing the gold amount with other Net sales. I'm glad I bought it. It is especially recommended for ski riding.

Design made by foreign-made Helmet is good, but Demerit did not choose Size to match, but I was thinking that Ethos was interior decorated.

I used one Race 2 hour and a half, but I am satisfied with Fit feeling, lightness, Design, which one I am very satisfied with.

Fit feeling rather than SHOEI is from ARAI.
I am ARAI and SHOEI Size is M, this product also M
It is JUST in.

As for Cost performance, recently SHOEI 's top MODEL is also about this price, so it seems like it can not be helped.

Another Demerit corrupted Visor at that Race but I contacted Ethos Design and it is currently in order and it is not until September.
Parts Payday etc etc. You may as well look for it first.
I was worried about Niro and agv, but I'm wondering if it was good with Swami.

As for the interior, as well as domestic production, it is easy to wash and install.

I use it without problems mounting. Large seems to be durable even in the high speed range.
It is close to full Smoke so I will not use it at night, but it is perfect with the color of Helmet
I think so.
I'm sorry for the photo taken in the room

The color intensity of Sunglasses seems to be Level corresponding to Light smoke. It is quite easy to get in touch with me, but my eyes are reflected in it. The thing that eyes are reflected in the house firmly reflects even while driving Motorcycle naturally, it is thought that the eyes become tiring unexpectedly. After that Mirror paint is surprising, Miscellaneous ... There was no scratch, but hitting the light of the fluorescent light, you can see something like Stain. It is a commodity suitable for the price. In this case, Helmet's Shield is Mirror's Light

Although I feel comfortable, BaseLens color is Brown, Brown is only in the center, the color is very thin towards the surroundings. Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) When I move my eyes to you, the color is different so I feel very uncomfortable.
The feel and color of Blue Mirror of Temple are as expected.
I wonder if it is like price?

I am using it for jogging and walking and when riding a car, but the color is a little too dazzling. Well better than nothing.
It is nice to be able to adjust Temple.
I think that it may be possible to have one or two because the price is also cheap.