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Motorcycle Debut is the first purchase. I bought it at the recommendation of an acquaintance, but it was easy to wear and it was possible to battle cold weather.
Although it is 159 cm 48?, You can put Jeans under M Size.

Purchase for Passenger!

I chose carefully selected from among many.
It looks Simple, Pad wearable and warm!

It was a desired item!
Waistline is narrowed down making it possible to emphasize femininity. Fur also likes detachable style, you can enjoy it by mood.

It is safe to install Pad. Large Because I want to protect things like insurance in case.

It was really nice to purchase this item!

I purchased it as AngelHertz and Simpson's Jacket HardProtector.
AngelHertz was OEM so we could install it without problems, but Simpson did not have any problem.
As HardProtector seems to have gained a sense of security for the emergency case.

I purchased for Passenger Jacket at the same time.

After all I do not want anyone to fall down, but since I want to suppress injuries even if at all, I bought it as an insurance plan.

A friend recently fell down intensely the other day, but it was unhurt by the Protector. Again, I understood Protector's Large thing.

I was also using Jacket without Protector at the time, but now I can not think of saying that there is no Protector.

It was good to purchase!

since he bought a Jacket, I would like to also unite the bottom -- saying [ ! ] -- An Angel Hertz ... on the whole, it is thick and a Cool. A function is also a cinch!

The Design was pleasing and purchased. Its Pants was narrow although the
> coat was right just. I think
> That a coat will be too large and will fluster if a Size is united with a Pants since it wears from the
> Wear. The Size of
> upper and lower sides just chose independently.

I feel that a Velcro portion cannot remove easily a little. although chosen by the Design -- a feeling -- it is a smallish thing which is not understood once it does not insert in too since like ('Д`)

Although the protector is contained in the portion of a shell, it is easy to move, and it is easy.
It decorates and comes out, and since the belt of a wrist is an ordinary velcro in practice, you may feel easy about it.
Although it has come appropriate for the mesh, since it seldom lets a wind pass, it is a demerit mark that is not cool.