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KMC sudah dipercaya sebagai produk OEM produsen mobil terkenal asal Jepang. KMC merupakan produsen rantai terkenal di seluruh dunia dan produk mereka digunakan di banyak negara.

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I bought a new 15 T Sprocket, so I decided to exchange Chain as well.
Last time I bought DAYTONA's 420SV, this time it is KMC.
The price is cheaper than DAYTONA, but the construction is solid.
I tried taking pictures in parallel with OEM, but something is wide and Roller is thick too?
I think that it is the illusion of the eye because it is the same 420, but it seems like such as it is solidly built.

It is a cheap Chain of Made in Taiwan, but I think it is OK.
Because it is a non-seal, it is natural to stretch compared to the high class Seal chain.
Even if it stretches somewhat, since it is not cut or disconnected, I think that there is no problem.
However, instead of NORMAL, Hard (H) is.
If it is this price, there is no point in getting it stingy.

Since wear was worrisome because I have piled up mileage so far, I bought it together with parts order of Engine Overhaul
Because it is a consumable item, I bought it with price emphasis
I installed it, but it is ◎ without problems
I also purchase it when it gets worn

Since Chain is a consumable part, I think that it is good if it is a commodity that can be used normally. Also, it was cheaper than the products of other companies so there is nothing to say. Non-seal chain is certainly easy to grow, but elongation offset to Chain etc etc. If there is, we are exchanging more and more. In addition, I would like to purchase.

When installing, when I extended the Clip with Snap Ring Fliers, the Clip bent.
Since it can not be helped, I reused the Clip of Chain of originally attached DID.
Although I do not know the durability of Chain itself, I think that it is better to buy a domestic product because the influence is a large part when it is touched.

In DEM's OEM? Chain, we have delivered the maintenance, and since the elongation and sticking advanced, we replaced it. It is less than half the price of Manufacturer Parts, but now, there is no part that feels dissatisfaction or anxiety, it has been a nice run.

It is cheaper than OEM even if it gathers two together if this
No, I will change 3 or 4!
If you use the chain to the limit
The abrasion of Sprocket becomes useless
If I am 10 ticks I'm exchanging around 8
If you do this, you can run quite well by just chain exchange
It is an inconvenience, but it runs 120,000 kilometers with mileage
Because I am a mass of expendable items
Do not raise the price, now it is scary.