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Lebih dari 50 tahun K&N telah menjadi pabrikan terdepan dalam pembuatan air intake system, filter oil dan bensin. Produk K&N berperan dalam meningkatkan peforma motor dan menjaga mesin agar tetap maksimal.

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Although it was not a low model to there, a normal air filter like a mushroom came as HETA.
Although condition was not getting worse to degradation, it was anxious that the dregs of sponge were inhaled someday and it opted for purchase.
Since he wanted to use a cleaner box as it is although it wavered [ Is a power filter used? ], the replacement filter was chosen.
Since it was a replace, response up was not able to be felt so much.
However, since suction resistance changed and after fire got worse, the height of potential potential is made to consider.
I think whether some carburetor adjustments etc. are required.
It is easy and wearing is bolt on literally!! If fire is put into an engine, being cautious of secondary air, the suction noise appropriate for K&N will meet.
I also regard the pleasure in character with a carburetor vehicle as it being the real thrill of two flowers these days when some vehicles have been FI-ized.
Since it is an air filter of MONO a manufacturer reason and throughout life, I do not specially think that it is expensive.
I say or think that it is cheap.

It has attached to CBR150R of a 06-year model.
Although the corresponding year type was set to 02-03, 06 was attached by bolt-on.
O 笆ウ carburetor setting with x Early becoming [ in which Power appeared ] dirty is required.

It was the highest anyhow.
The attachment of the size was also OK perfectly.

Since a son obtained license and came to have ridden FTR recently, this product was purchased and attached so that sudden rain might also be OK.
Since it was if induction efficiency falls about 10% privately, he did not want to attach, but it is unavoidable because of a motorcycle.
SETINGU of the carburetor is not changing.
It seems that it is satisfactory even if it will ride, if it is not DOKA rain.
Since appearance also suits the color of a plug cord, the good touch kana ? is thought, but I merely feel that it is expensive.
If it is half the sum, it is four stars only by appearance, but considering a price, it becomes this evaluation.

Since the muffler was changed and it exceeded 4000 K (total 6000), filter replacement was considered.
If exchanged at any rate, before was decided to be KEIANDOENU whose suction efficiency is higher than the original manufacturer's product of an agreeable impression.
First of all, although it is filter replacement, a rear cowl, a sheet, and a tank cover are removed, a tank is lifted, and it arrives at a filter box at last.
After exchange became touch that torque went up on the whole and rotation followed a linear to an axel.
In the case of filter replacement, it is KEIANDOENU recommendation.

This is what I have been looking for for a long time. It is the best filter that is known. The price is quite cheap compared to other brands.

I have been using SR 400 VMcarburetor for over 20 years.
Quantity : 2pc. I used alternate sets, but as expected it got old and replaced with a hole in the Filter.
It was used while cleaning at 1,500 to 2,000 km, and holes were replaced at tens of thousands of km and replaced.
I chose the diameter of the attachment part in accordance with the previous part, but the appearance of the Filter part seems to be slightly larger Large. Although it slightly interferes with Frame, it was possible to install.

Although Air Filter is also coming out from various Manufacturers, there are many things that will stall and suffer water as it rains, but K & N's Filter will repel rain, so rainy day riding safely I can do it.. Although there is nothing to ride on a rainy day, it is safe even sudden rain.
As I have not used it until now, I have not stalled rain and stalled, so I decided to buy K & N. If the carburetor setting also is this Filter, it is best for MINI's Bore up car because there is no need to do it over again if you put it out once.