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KOHKEN adalah distributor penyedia sparepart sistem pengereman Brembo dan juga bracket kaliper bagi Anda yang ingin meningkatkan performa rem. KOHKEN juga menawarkan sparepart original yang mereka hadirkan dalam berbagai warna.

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Kualitas bagus, packing rapi pengiriman cepat . Good

Pengiriman sangat cepat dan packing sangat rapi. Sayank saya blom memasangnya. Thanks

I did not like OEM's sex appeal Zero Sprocket so I exchanged with Chain.
I ordered Black of Hard anodized aluminum because it is a black color that is dirty with rub.

At first I was planning to get Black with KOKEN's Color Anodized Aluminum as soon as I bought SUNSTAR's Number of teeth on the OEM's DuraluminSprocket but let me introduce this color Anodized Aluminum Pr RAN with advice from my senior Was.

I got an answer of 2 weeks until the delivery date, but arrived at hand for a while in a week.
Immediately I had my Motorcycle shop exchange with Chain.

OEM's Chain who does not know when it can cut off will be very Parenthesis better together with the Silver chain of the DID which I quickly truncated and exchanged, satisfactory Spec. became. (Because Custom's Concept is Black and Silver)
After exchanging, I ran 200 km so I confirmed the condition of Sprocket, but the condition was beautiful without anchoring of Anodized. To be honest, I thought that the part rubbed against Chain would be peeling off was unexpected. "Hard" The name of Anodized seems to be not Date.
What made me happy miscalculation is the place where love which flew to Sprocket can drop easily. It is likely to keep a beautiful state for a while.

Also when Sprocket replacement time comes, same Spec. I'm thinking about ordering.

I bought it under the brand named brembo. As for installation, Hose has been exchanged for Other Brand Product. I thought I'd have to replace MASTER again, but normal MASTER works well for me. I am satisfied personally.

It is not a translation which was normal and dissatisfied, but it was drawn by Brand called brembo and purchased. Hose has been exchanged for Other Brand Product. It's relatively easy to install. I thought it would be bad if I changed it to an external MASTER, but normal MASTER would work well for me. I am satisfied personally. Tone and I turned Rear to brembo.

I used it for brembo 40 mm and new Crab.
Can Crab be installed battle? Beta pin enters the hole on the back side without play
The 40 mm Caliper person only entered the hole on the front side.
There is play as it is, but I feel that play is suppressed to some extent with Pad spring.
Nonetheless, Pad replacement will be easier, and if Wiring you can not escape.
Although it looks perfect.

【HardBlack】 Purchase.

1. Body and Anodized are safe for Large Hand Manufacturer.

2. The original Hard anodized aluminum 【Champagne gold】 It is considered that the color can be changed without impairing the function of.

▲ 1. Only 2. It was not seen in Champagne gold around around 000 km (Were not you noticed by Gold and Silver?) Partial peeling occurs. (Around 2000 km in use) (Attached image 1)

▲ 2. Depending on the future of the above 1 symptoms, continued purchase is hard to think when considering the point that only prices rise due to color.

I get a very satisfying look for minutes to see from a distance. (Attached image 2) However, it is a product that I thought was good only this time.

I tried installing Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Both Center dragged out without coming out. When measuring the dimensions it was around 1 mm so I used Shim and needed a Center sushi. You can use it if you issue Center.