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Komine adalah produsen aksesoris berkendara asal Jepang yang telah ada sejak 1947. Selain menjual jaket, celana, sarung tangan, sepatu, dan tas, mereka juga menjual berbagai aksesoris untuk menunjang keamanan berkendara.

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Gembok kuat dan suara alarm nya berbunyi sangat kencang. Cukup buat maling kekagetan.. gemboknya sensitive .

This product is great and exactly the same with the one posted. The quality is more than i expected. The delivery was arrived earlier than delivery date.

Very Happy, received KOMINE GK-185 Stretch Mesh Gloves Luce II. Very good fit in my both hand. Original Made in Japan. I will buy another item. Thanks

Very Happy, received the Komine Jacket JK_127, Fit Accurately. Original Made in Japan. Fast delivery and Highly Recommended Seller. I will order again. Thanks

This KOMINE AK-035 Silk Full Face Mask feels comfortable. It should be nice for both summer and winter time. Free size for universal.

Komine kneecaps are made of very good workmanship and are made of soft material rather than hard material. I am 175 inches tall and fit enough to wear. They are well wrapped and provide good protection for the knees when riding。

It is shopping in first Webike.
In a mesh, it is cool, and vomits and a feeling is also the highest.

He wanted the jacket of the design which can be used not only for touring but for CHOI riding and which is not eager, and it purchased.
There is no showy embroidery, and while it is the calm design, the visibility at night by a reflective raw material is also considered.
It is very warm by the favor of length as long in addition to the protection-against-wind shell of a gore-tex as an attachment-and-detachment type inner.
If the neck is made warm, it is OK even if it is not warmly dressed so much to inside.
I would like to try the protection-against-the-cold engine performance on a future severe winter term.
Although the run among rain has not been carried out yet, since it is a gore-tex, it corresponds also to sudden rain.
Since option setting out also of the backbone pad of a hard type and the chest protector of a right-and-left division type is carried out in addition to the shoulder and an elbow pad, it is safe also in respect of defense.
I think that the product of a komine is good at that cheap [ of quality / high ] and set up (and a cut rate is also high).
We recommend you.