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KOSO merupakan produsen sparepart motor dari Taiwan yang terkenal akan performance parts yang mumpuni, seperti big bore engine dan transmisi untuk motor skuter.

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Good stuff, good service, good quality

M - SOUL to the intake system of MAJESTYS (Musashi) Emoul : I installed LEVEL 10 Racing Power Filter so that I could not feel the difference from NORMAL and the place I installed it to enhance the inhalation effect more.
KOSO KOSO KOSO Big Size Air Cleaner Duct is installed and processing of OEMDuct is necessary. I purchased a second used Duct cover so that I can return to NORMAL and expanded it with a ruter.
For those who like OEM than Silencer type Air cleaner.
Since the amount of inspiration increases, setting has been done and there is description, but it has not been done

very well made sensor,fit perfectly on the takegawa clutch cover for my msx 125. will use it to monitor engine oil temperature. happy with the purchase.

I like Design and purchase.
Although the price was affordable, it is said that it is price as it is, the quality below the price.
Installation is very difficult to attach, paint floats in 2 weeks of use.
Visibility is also 40 km / It is almost invisible by vibration around h.

I attached it to BirdCity 155, but how to wrap is special ? The setting should be 1500 to 1700. line (code) Is short.

I wanted to change the characteristics of Engine a little more KOSO lightweight HPAutarota purchase installed.
The product is very beautiful and prepared 240 g lighter, It is easy to install. It was Bolt On.
Running performance is slightly weaker than OEM but engine rotation Response is good enough to let me care about it. Medium speed is sharper than ever and the maximum speed has increased by 2 kilometers.

It good for city and track. Good response for acceleration due to lighter weight, Good heat spread when you frequency acceleration from stop and go.

It is X10 display of 4 digit display part.
If it is 2000 RPM, 200 will be displayed.
However, the smallest unit to pick up the revolution is 100 RPM.
If you can gradually open Axel from 2000 RPM, the display will change from 210 → 220 → 230 ... instead of 200 → 201 → 202.
In other words, the display of the most Right Side is fixed at 0.
There is no problem in grasping the number of revolutions to Large miscellaneous, but it may be a bit usable as Carburetor's Setup.
I will not write it, so I will write it down..

And, depending on the angle of attachment, it becomes hard to see by reflection.
Let's adjust it to an easy-to-see angle.