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We ordered together with other goods, ordered with arrival of around 3 days, but more than one week has passed but there is no musical note, if you request shipment of other items in the previous shipping cost 380 yen will be added That thing, I was late for the order due to that mistake
I can not feel sincerity

picture shows it comes with couplings but just a single spring is all you get. definatly not worth the cost . felt i was misled. i will not use this seller again nor refer them to anyone

It is the same as the overall review. CBR250R (MC41) I purchased it for Second Type Model but it does not correspond after Model change.
I will write an impression that it seems like a fool who did not confirm is not more.

Those who are planning to purchase the MC41Second Type Model rider, are quotient ProductNo : Because tankpad 14 - is similar Parts, let's check that there is no mistake in ProductNo.
I think that things are good because the making is polite, quality is good, and installation seems easy.

Tire refuse, to prevent the Radiator from denting with a stepping stone
I want Core guard, I bought the Core guard of sus 304 ,,,
Purchase this without being able to do inside your father's Small Mission!

Because it is 500 mm square, I think that nearly all commercial vehicles can be covered.
By the way, it is possible to cut out two cars for Formula 15 R1.

Recommended for Radiator protection.

With the new car, at the time of purchase, 2013 type CBR1000RR was attached, before running for Radiator protection. Since the construction material of goods is an Aluminum, processing can be done easily. Although the Radiator was curving and molding was serious, it carried out carefully and has attached finely. I think that it is a remarkable Cost performance for the person who likes


It is regrettable that the fixing position etc. where a Handlebar is delicate are not written in a description. Unlike a NORMAL, the Position is a natural lappet angle, and I feel that the Cornering became easy for it.

Although this part was attached to the so so large endurance race of Kansai and it participated in it by this Muffler XR100M, Power UP can be felt all over the districts from the bottom to up, the speed of a Corner also increases, and it is a very good Muffler.
-- it is a Center too -- carrying out -- the time of making it bank -- right and left -- a weight Balance is the feeling which the movement engine performance went up considerably very well a few!!
-- although it is never cheap parts, they are the parts I want you to try once!

[Webike Monitor] The
> Silencer is a lusterless Black and it is a Cool! It is quiet in it being unexpected, and sound is the surprise ~. The touch which rode feels it as kana~? to which that it can blow going up became light. -- Although low and medium speed was not different from JHA, when it was made full admission, had equipped with JHA Chang before
exchange which carries out violent acceleration, but. the part whose dent and crack when it fell in the Circuit were lost -- as [ became / according to the mood of the moment / another Motorcycle ] -- feeling --
-- since it is still in the middle of a Setting, future is pleasure.