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Filter oli K&P digunakan untuk berbagai jenis kendaraan mulai dari kendaraan roda dua, roda empat, hingga pesawat terbang. Filter oli K&P mengadopsi desain terbaru dan ramah lingkungan menjadikan filter oli K&P sebagai filter yang paling mutakhir saat ini.

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It was not adapted for SRX250.
Probably, it is good in the case of purchase to check a size etc. persistently, since it is what returned goods are [ a thing ] also impossible.
Because the staff here will probably be a no check.

I do not know the performance, but the thing that is black is adsorbed on the built-in magnet. It is considered that this is the only performance improvement. However, 1 / It seems that the effect is the same as Oil drain bolt with magnet at a price of 10 or less. Also, in the case of me, since it is Full cowl, Filter can not be seen from the exterior. Although I am satisfied with my own self, I do not have a Filter exchange, so I tell myself that I think that it is environmentally friendly. The product is a beautiful thing. It is quite obvious that it is not cheap. It is recommended for those who have room for gold.

Filter is not sold nearby, I am in trouble to dispose of waste Filter, Maintenance of Motorcycle almost done by myself. It is recommended for those who are. I do not understand well in terms of performance. Especially bodily sensation does not change, but I am satisfied.

I replaced the Oil Filter when replacing the Engine oil.
Because Oil is new, I do not know if this Oil Filter is excellent, but GEAR entered Smooth.
It is good to be able to use it repeatedly.

When the goods arrived temporarily assembled - - -
What? - - - -
Filter does not go into ShellCase, after thinking about how I could not enter anyway, I managed to shred the Aluminum part on the Filter side at the company and managed to enter ShellCase (Lol)
Although the car body is GSX-S, it is not conforming, but I believe that it will be attached with GSX-R'05, but I purchased it safely.
I do not understand the performance, but Visual is the best with Billet!
Although it seems to be able to be used permanently, although it may be difficult to obtain the source of purchase cost - - -
It is good.. It's cool. (Lol)

It is attached to HYPERMOTARD 821.

Because Ducati is all ProductNoS 5, it can be installed, I expect some cooling as it has cooling fins.

Oil Resistance is low, so it is effective for load reduction of Oil pump. Since Re Leaf valve is attached, Oil is supplied even if Filter is jammed.
Because I do not trust the engine because it is a foreign car, I also include the meaning of insurance.

It is better to think that it is about omake although it is with a magnet.

Although it is an expensive Oil Filter, I think that it is good not to leave Garbage because Oil is frequently exchanged.

After 1,000 km run, it is the first oil change and exchange of a filter. Iron powder is shining. I wanted to remove it and purchased since it generates rust and wear becomes early. Since the price is ten times, it is better to consider to be the measure of not taking out garbage and fashion. Since it attaches the exclusive wrench with the same size as a genuine filter, it can be attached without difficulty. I would like to remove to the next oil change and look at the rejection ratio of garbage.

Although the dress-up effects up are high parts, if it is R6, it will hide in a cowl and shift linkage.
I think that it is good for those who make filter replacement frequent since it is if it can be used semipermanently.
Although the permanent type oil of high viscosity is used for R6, probably because the oil flow velocity is good, friction loss in particular is not felt.
Since it was necessary to use it over a long period of time if cost effectiveness is merely considered, I was allowed to consider it as four stars.