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KRAUSER adalah salah satu brand ternama yang menyediakan box motor untuk touring yang sudah dikenal oleh para rider dunia. Box motor buatan KRAUSER dikenal karena kapasitasnya yang tinggi, rapat, dan kedap air.

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Although attached to the rear carrier at the time of purchase, RIA becomes heavy with movable load, and it is bolt fixation to a rear seat about purchase and a krauser universal adapter at a low price in a used rear seat by an auction.
Only by Locke of the key of a rear seat, since it is uneasy, it is used by a belt, fixing.
Capacity is enough although it swerved from the talk.
If a lid is opened, the belt of a rubber is in the bottom and a top and it can put a load into them independently.
Waterproofness is enough.
Although run in heavy rain for about 1 hour, he had no trace which permeated inside.
Kana which it and a key cannot insert easily just for a moment (--)

It is used for Ninja250R.
After exchanging for the PENSKE handle, it is the first handlebar end.
Attachment is easy and it is fixed by inserting goods from Bar's end and tightening the bolt of a head.
It is made to hear about refinement into simplicity by very beautiful result.
The color variations which can be chosen is glad.
Having managed the keeper of the end of the handlebars my motorcycle as bar end for a long time, the last moment presented the body and protected the handle.
A photograph is bar end (smile) the surface has been shaved [ bar end ] with asphalt.

DUCATI: Equip a street fighter.
AELLA: Although it changed using the handle clamp spacer and the HARDY:road bar INTERMIDIATE is attached, L twin engine and vibration are immense truly.
It introduces in order to reduce this.
Since front SUZUKI GSR400 ABS was also used and the effect was known, it chose this time also.
Handlebar end Long of this and the company and oscillating mitigation remarkable by using a handle brace together are possible.
It becomes to such an extent that the vehicle type of Kuruma in behind can be checked.

The handle for mini bikes has many which have width [ narrow surely ],

Since the thing attached until now was Rogue Must in RustRust, I rejected reuse.
I tried HiType, but it is a bit low at TW?
Also, the color of Anodized is thin. It seems to come off if it burns on the day (Bitter smile).

I am using it for MT 09 in 2017. Both color and texture were good shopping for the price. I can not feel blur at high speed.
However, Yamaha (MT09) For exclusive use, those who are considering Handlebar exchange are recommended to purchase after replacing Handlebar.

The Gold color tone is nice. Love it. This item comes in set of 2. But in the order, it states in number. So I ordered 2nos & now I've 2 sets. Being one spare set. My suggestion is to indicate in the description of items that they come in a set.

I want to lower, but I thought Separate handle was a bit ... I decided on this from everyone's review.
Originally we low-type and installed it with a low target downwards and aiming at Limit that does not interfere with Tank.
As impressions I went to a Touring of about 200 km, but I wonder if the shoulders stuck a bit.
Tight leather Jean's because of cold ...
It turned out to be quarterly.
I like the appearance reflected in Glass and CurveMirror.