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Kriega adalah pabrikan asal Inggris yang menyediakan berbagai macam tas, seperti ransel, tas pinggang, dan tas motor yang didesain secara eksklusif untuk rider.

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Not only is the tool roll attached,
Back which is written r8 comes off.
* Some, again Pad can come off together.

Please look at the real thing if you are outside the candidate with SizeLarge.

Waterproof nature and design, I am satisfied

Right Side's Adjuster is just worried about whether it will scratch Motorcycle.

I was looking for a usable Bag with a baggage amount of about one day to one night. Although I intended to buy a competitor's product, in the end it was good design and things that can be thinned when the amount of luggage is small. Because it is WR-250R, I thought that I could prevent my foot from getting caught in the Tail bag when getting on and off. However, it is high anyhow! COSPA is not good. It is a little troublesome to put in and carry out the inside baggage. Since sorting is impossible, ingenuity such as sorting Small items into small bags is necessary.

Shoulder type Camera bag is perfect for Waterproof Bag so it's handy. Just small enough to fit in capacity (Squeezed out) It is suitable for putting small things and soft things, but when you put items that are too big and shape can not be tormented. I think this is common to USDryPack of Kriega.

XDIAVEL (Passenger seat installation) You can use FitKit for Seat bag for you, or you can use it as Tank Bag with Tank Adapter that does not choose any car model, so the installation location is flexible and solved with the same Bag when solo or Tandem.

Also, DryPackSeries is fixed using Belt with Hook is common Spec. So, when you want to add a little bit, use US5 as Small turtle and use it.
In case of attaching a tripod, Belt of US 5 is diverted and fixed. (Belt is sold separately but only)

Shoulder belt and Waist belt were included and it got fixed to the body when walking after getting out of Motorcycle and it was very easy to carry.

I think that it is a place where purchase judgment is divided in that it adopts a roll formula which takes time to put in and take out by giving priority to waterproof nature instead of Fastener which is convenient to put in and out, but taking it to a person who can persevere with Waterproof 1st You can assert that it is a wonderful stem bag.

I was able to do it without problems for installation.
No problem with texture.

Seat bag US-10https : / / www. webike. net / sd / 20013033 /
I went to a day trip to Mount with.
It is nice to have it installed, but we will gap to the driver side in about 30 minutes.
Gap about 10 cm from the initial position.
I hit the driver's buttocks so I am very anxious.
It is not until it falls...

The reason is that the mounting pitch is shorter than the Pitch of Bag and the Motorcycle side is short.
I think that this installation method will not be established in Panigale.
I regret that I like the texture of Bag, but I replaced it with another Bag.

Purchase this product as Hook hanging Net on XDiavel with poor loading capacity.
I was satisfied with the result but I could not install it as I did with the Instruction Manual.

I tried using it
? Between Cowl and Seat "ear" Although it comes out, there is no worry of hurting Cowl with Hook.
? Because it is made of Nylon belt, even if you sit on the Passenger seat it will not get in the way.
? Since I licked the Bolt of the installation place originally, the installation position was biased towards the front, but by covering Backrest with Net and pulling Hook it was no problem even if it was in front side.

Washer interfering with Passenger seat must be removed or RiderSeat could not lock.
If this point can be tolerated "Yes" I think.

【What made you decide the purchase?】
Practical and robust, yet it's a reliable Manufacturer's creature of chic Design.
Brand policy is also great.

【How was it actually used?】
It is a very thoughtful making and function. It is a fabrication that improved the weakness of HydrationSystem.
In HydrationSystem, there are things that water supply Hose breaks in Back, and water supply can not be done.
However, this Hydro 3 is covered with an elastic coating on the water supply Hose, making it difficult to bend.

The most important thing in HydrationSystem is Maintenance.
High sealability is a factor, moisture remains in Hose and Pack, Moldetc. It is likely to cause bacteria.
However, since the opening of the Hydro 3 Pack opens Large, it is easy to wash and dry, so it can be kept clean at all times.

【Fit feeling and height when wearing - Please tell me the weight etc (Apparel case) ]
My Size is medium height of 181 cm and weight 75 kg.
The feeling of Fit is perfect, you can also adjust the length of Harness according to the body size.
It does not prevent movement of upper body and lower body, Fit with Exactly.
Space of the waist part is empty even if it is worn, so it is possible to use it with Fanny pack.

[Is there anything I was disappointed about?]
None. It was more than expected.

【Hope for Manufacturer - Please let me know if you have any improvement points]
A very good product has been made, but my profile is low around me.
I can not quit using Kriega's products once, especially Backpack.
Manufacturer thinks that promotion should be more, I think that good things can be sold well.

【Have you compared items?】
Military HydrationSystem for HydrationSystem, Mill Specifications for mountaineering.

Hydro 3 is convenient because you can supply water while fitting the off type Helmet with space in the mouth around Helmet. (I am using ADV. )

About Kriega Manufacturer
I also lived in United Kingdom for about 5 years, so I can understand but in United Kingdom there is a spirit of using good things for a long time.
Antique furniture and Antique products often heard in the streets are the best.
I think that it is the most Eco spirit that uses good things for a long time. The spirit lives in this Manufacturer.

Although it costs Running cost for purchasing, it is convenience, performance as a tool, chic Designetc. , I think that it will become a dish that has satisfied ownership and has affection.

After I unpack the product and try to catch it. I feel very good quality material. It fit my KTM 1190 ADV. I think it could fit in all models with upside down fork. I think it will be good enough to prevent forks seals. It's a product that every motocross and adventure bike should be installed.

It would be great if the price got easier a little more.
The best part of this Backpack is a locking mechanism that fits in your chest.
This is useful.
Also, Fastener also has DoubleSpec. I hope it becomes.