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KRYPTONITE didirikan pada tahun 1972 di Massachusetts. KRYPTONITE mengembangkan gembok U (K-4) pertama di dunia dan hingga saat ini merupakan produsen terkenal akan produk keamanannya, seperti gembok anti maling untuk sepeda dan motor.

(65 Ulasan)


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Ulasan Produk KRYPTONITE

I purchased Disc Lock for the first time. Feeling actually used I thought that it was a simple countermeasure though it was a simple construction. Although it is heavy, it is convenient to carry to Touring by Compact. I think that it was quite good shopping.

I attach Robot arm lock to the rear wheel, but I am using it to connect the column and RobotArm because the length to the pillar is not enough. I feel like the key is not slightly Smooth.

It is enough for Front's Disk Lock, but Rear is not enough. I wonder if there are few people who do Disk Lock on the Rear side - - -
However, even if it is used on the Rear side, if you use it (such as catching on footpeg etc etc. ), I think that forgetting to remove will not happen.

Delivery was done on time.
Changed the original Brembo on my VRSCR.
Performance is excellent - very same as the original.
Price is 3 times less.

【What made you decide the purchase?】
Brand and seeking a sense of security.

【How was it actually used?】
First of all it is heavy in appearance and leads to a feeling of security.
Yet, it's Compact so it's handy to carry.
Since Cable is also attached, there is no need to forget to remove and run.
The sense of security at the destination increased.

[Is there anything I was disappointed about?]
The point that can not be locked unless it points to the key is not good.
Also Cover of the keyhole is also difficult to fit exactly.

【Hope for Manufacturer - Please let me know if you have any improvement points]
I want you to be lockable just by pushing in the unlocked state.

【Have you compared items?】
Abus : Disk Lock 300

I purchased Motorcycle and introduced it for anti-theft measures, but overall the quality is good and I am satisfied.
It takes a long time to reach the lock, it is easy to use for a little theft measures at the destination, it is a dish that can be Recommendation. However, one, the Rubber lid of the keyhole is a little hard to be fixed, only that is disappointing.
However, considering Large Kimono, price and effect, it has so much Merit that it does not matter so much.

I thought it would be helpful even if anything to prevent theft. It is quite heavy heavily. Color is Color : There are Yellow and Chrome, but noticeable Color : I made it to Yellow. Orange's Cable for preventing forgetting to remove is good.
Because it is bulky as Chain Lock, it is handy because it does bulky as a baggage, because it bulks quickly even at Touring and going out.

Guts work from the beginning, it works just as much as I grasped. It is a good Pad of Fee Ring. Braking power is enough for For Street.