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I could not sit for a long time, so I bought it ... the hardness almost same as everyone's comment and unfortunately I could not use it.
I think that it is meaningless to replace it if it is not a little soft ... As a result, the pain of the butt was almost unchanged.

Today, I tried Touring about 100 kilometers, I think the feet have improved a little better?
It was about

Low Repulsion Processing (Probably pulled out and low repulsion Seat) So I thought it was softer
Other than hard (Because Seat thickness is getting thin?
But the bottom part of the buttocks is flat, the body pressure of the buttocks is dispersed as a whole, it may be harder to get tired than Normal seat

Height 161 cm short because of feet, because both feet toe Tunz
As long as you have a little feet!
I thought that the price is high but purchase
By the way, it seems that this Seat purchase is because it seems that the steering stability will change if Lowdown by Link Plate exchange, because it would be necessary to exchange Side Stand
It is in the box of Kawasaki
Cushion Tape with Battery suppression is also bundled
There is no doubt that Seem of the OEM itself is processed with anchor punching and low rebound is put in it
So, I was relieved in terms of product

Today, the goods arrived in the evening, the appearance is certainly thin Seat thick
Move the on-board tool to the new Seat
As soon as I crossed it,
Well, I wonder if it got down a little bit
It is a feeling.
I will actually run tomorrow, I will also Impression

2018 Ninja 400, 8000? Change from Lowdown to Low seat from running. As a result, Corner enters differently because the front wheel grips tightly. Should be set to Shorter before and after setting, STAND if lowdown. It is best to not change Body setting in Simple. There is no pain in the ass.

It's a shame with OEM. Even if you try using it with a feeling that it is slightly soft, not much effect was obtained. It's too bad because the price is not different from OEM.

Idling sound more quiet than NORMAL
Overwhelming weight lightness.
The exhaust sound of Chamber who entered the power band that makes it feel
The feeling of GP 125 when Kazuto was the world's best can be tasted

Purchase to attach Smartphone Holder. I think that it is an interesting product.
Because it made it Black, it seems that there is not much discomfort even if I remove the Smartphone Holder..
Screw lock A lot of paint is painted,
It is quite a Torque.. Prepare 8 mmHex so as not to lick.
I think that it is better to mark the Handlebar angle before removing Screw.
It seems that it can also be used for movie shooting with ActionCam.

未装呢件野嘅时候,我系用普通嘅手机手机导航支架,但系速度上到140左右以后抖动就会好厉害,试过跑到170嘅时候成部手机飞出来,之后就无用那个手机导航支架了,后来在webike上见到有对应川崎忍者1000专用嘅手机导航支架,果断入手,用上去之后宜家飞到200都无问题~ When I did not install it, I used the mobile phone navigation bracket of the ordinary mobile phone, but the speed would be very good after the speed of 140 or so. I tried to fly to the mobile phone when I ran 170, then I used the mobile phone. Navigation bracket, and later on the webike saw a corresponding Kawasaki Ninja 1000 dedicated mobile phone navigation bracket, decisive start, after using up, IKEA flew to 200 no problem ~(translated by Google Translator)