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I already bought the same unit 's Rear stands, so I bought Front stand as well.
Since I am an amateur, I can only do cleaning Wheel even if raising the Front.
However, Motorcycle that is Lift up is Parenthesis well, I drink alcohol while looking at that figure (Lol)
Motorcycle has a high preference, so I think that I also need something like this. ← self satisfaction.
Also, with Items I used for the first time, I can not compare with other products, but there is no problem in terms of performance.
Rather, the price is cheap, so I can Recommendation if it is for self-satisfaction purposes, not full-scale Maintenance like me.

It is Rear stands of Type that puts Swingarm on L shaped Hook and lifts up.
I had been planning to improve the efficiency of Chain's maintenance before, and if I happened to NetSurfing it was cheaper than the other products so I tried purchasing it.
The impressions I tried use to go up, but I feel unstable and I got worried while working. To be honest, it is hard to use.
The reason is likely to be in L-shaped Hook type.
Swingarm loading place is Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) It is slightly Gap, that is, it is not securely fixed, and when it is heavy, Hook distorts into the character of Ha (Because Arm of STAND is Bolt fastening, it is distorted due to structural problems by any means).
When it becomes distorted, the hook width expands and becomes unstable.
For other products, it is probably to prevent U-shaped Hook from becoming mainstream as it is mainstream.
It seems that U shape Hook is sold by Option from Manufacturer, so I ordered immediately.
Also, the bar Guard was damaged by the first time it was used.
Since I wanted to purchase Repair Parts if I had it, I got inquiries to the Customer Center, and it is said that there is a possibility that the resin parts may have been cured due to the influence that the date of chilling has continued recently, and it happens that Manufacturer's inventory I got it at no charge for being there.

Although it was hard to use for L-shaped Hook this time, I like Rear stands itself, so I would like to continue purchasing Option Parts as described above.

Since similar items were broken, they purchased with ease, because the batteries of the enclosed batteries were out, so it could not be used immediately, but as long as you could exchange it, you could measure without problems so we want to check the difference with other gauges on hand is not it.

I use it for GROM. It will lift firmer than I thought. Easy Wheel cleaning, Chain cleaning enough. Thanks I did not purchase Motorcycle stand. You can also recommend it for price.

Because it is very compact, it does not get in the way even if it is put in the Touring bag, it seems to be useful for Chain adjustment and Puncture repair at Touring destination.

Because it is shaped like a barb at the tip, there is some degree of freedom in the angle of hitting.
In the past, I had used the crushed tip of Slotted screwdriver,
By the way, this one is easier to adjust.
The use feeling is necessary and sufficient if you think about the price, but if you say it, the longer the longer the longer
I think that it was easy to use.

Because the battery has run out suddenly since opening, at star 3.
Did the inventory period be long?
For others performance, it is easy to use and no complaints.

ChainMaintenance, Rear wheel I was lost as RollerType because I was looking for STAND for cleaning but it is hard to move Motorcycle with the balance of parking space Space so I chose this.
Push Up Swingarm with Side Stand as the fulcrum and Lift up the rear wheel.
Although the Instruction Manual bundled was an Illustration entity and there was no explanation that was explained, since the structure is simple "Oh, that's right." I think that you will soon see.
Easy to use, keep the Front brake hooked so that the body does not move, or stop the wheel on the front wheel, just align the position and height, then push down on Lever. At first I was nervous, but if I operate slowly and surely I do not feel anxious that the car body will collapse.
Initially it may be good to explore the best point by changing position and height several times.
The height to be lifted up as shown in the picture "You have not reached the ground?" The height at which the rear wheel turns without resistance with the place I think is right is just right.
With this, ChainMaintenance etc. can be done easily.
As a point of caution, since Side Stand is the fulcrum, it is better to stop working that becomes unstable, such as not raising the height too much and exchanging Tire.

It should be used as a simple Lift upSTAND but it is compact because the price is also cheap and the folded Size is also Compact "Just a little" It is very convenient as STAND.