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K&T mengembangkan dan memproduksi sparepart original yang kebanyakan ditujukan untuk motor Kawasaki seperti D-Tracker, KLX, KSR, Ninja250, dan lain-lain.Produk K&T dibuat dengan bahan utama aluminium alloy 2017 berkualitas tinggi serta memiliki desain yang apik dan harga yang terjangkau.

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It is attachment at DR-Z400SM.
Although it attaches and about one year passes, there are not the scar of an anodized portion, having become thin, etc.
(A sheet is put and kept at a garage) The thickness of the plate, etc. are solid and it is satisfied.
Since a chain lube etc. will scatter after carrying out chain maintenance if normal is compared, it is indispensable to carry out chain maintenance firmly.
It is not dissatisfied although it is the parts focused on appearance.

It is a simple Guard that only prevents entanglement. If you remove the OEM, only the installation part will remain, so I will use it temporarily. Impression of appearance changed a little by pasting Carbon style Cutting sheet.

Shroud of the First Model Type carburetorD tiger, Bolt 3 pcs.
Shroud of the Second Type Model can be attached, but this is a Bolt 4 pcs.
Parts to fill it.
Firmly can be fixed, but 3000 yen is high for this.
However, since it seems that there are few needs in the first place, I feel like I can not help it.
For those who can measure their dimensions properly, it is cheaper to buy a suitable Bracket at Home center.

It was a product of the theme of D Tracker, but it was OK with Frame structure, KLX 250 SES too!. By the way, the Exhaust System is Super trap. I think that the strength is enough at about 3? Thick. The attached Spacer was also Exactly.

To install Preload Adjuster 41 mm. Eight octagons of Wrench is required, but it is a special dimension that is not placed in a neighboring tool shop.

Although it is a tool that is also active in ForkOH, it became a tool which I never use again by installing the preload Adjuster outside the company. Anodized Treatment is unnecessary for the tool, so please offer it cheaply.

There is no problem in particular. If the top cap is equipped with an adjustment mechanism, it may be too messy or it may fixate, but this product is Large sturdy.

I used it to attach POSH machining net anchor 6 mm to Bandit 1250F.

Since the outer diameter of net anchor is φ20 mm, we were looking for spacer with outer diameter φ 20 mm inner diameter φ 6 mm thickness 6 to 8 mm, but spacer, color, washer etc.. Even if I looked for various things, the outer diameter φ18 mm was the majority. In the meantime, as this item was sold as the outside diameter φ 20 mm, it was purchased.
It looks like an ordinary aluminum part, because its purpose of use is just a spacer and it is in a place where it is deeply textured etc etc. There was no unquestion and the color of the net anchor was also plating color so there was no sense of incongruity at all.

Unfortunately, the outer diameter is nominal, in fact it is φ19. 5±0. 2 (There are also written on the manufacturer's website) So it is a place I feel a little bit difference against the net anchor outer diameter φ 20 mm. It is better than the outside diameter of 18 mm of other company's products and the price is also cheap so it is not a big negative point of Large.

It would be nice to buy it with another product together. Because the shipping fee is likely to be higher - - -.

Because OEMFootpeg Bar is slippery and the feeling of Fit is bad, I exchanged this item, Shoes's Grip power is very good and Cornering is safe in the middle.