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KTEL adalah produsen perlengkapan komunikasi yang membantu Anda agar dapat lebih nyaman dalam berkendara. Microphone KTEL dapat berfungsi sebagai wind noice cancelling dan telah diakui sebagai produk paten dan digunakan di ajang F1.

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Ulasan Produk KTEL

It purchased in order to hear the congestion information of a highway radio, etc.
I think that the die length and texture of a cable are also good.

Purchase wireless device after a long absence. I have purchased for FTM due to lack of research this time. ProductNo called KT 831 is exactly the same, but it was said that it does not correspond to Handy machine called VX - 8. Goods are the best, but.

Microphone is quite compact so Air ductetc. It can be embedded without harming the function of (Installed) It is very nice to be able to do it.
It seems that sound quality is higher than that of Standard Type even though performance has become Compact so much. (Touring friends talk)

[a Webike Monitor] -- in order to listen to music by
carrying or to hear the sound of a Navigation, since there are much purchase
Long touring and Camping touring, it is now -- it is alike and satisfactory at all to the
function which is a cable (smile) -- it is -- they are goods of conviction by Brando who does and can trust it rather than anything

Since it was insufficient for mailing cost no charge for a while, it added to Helmet re-covering. Although he bought it with

radio Schopp, it is here and was saved. It will be maximum strength if the oil of the
> Helmet is wiped off and stuck.

[Webike Monitor] Since A Speaker tends to catch the direction of two and was not tiring easily having been advised from the persons experienced in
and the Helmet of the Jet type were used, the goods here were chosen. Although I had satisfied a function and the engine performance, pains were taken very much to attach. Although soldered to connecting the line of

and a microphone, since the thickness by the side of a microphone and a Harness was different in the thin top, the injury with a Solder was difficult. Arrangement of
and a Speaker, wiring, and fixation of a microphone Volume knob are difficult. If it attaches, it is simple, and although
> etc. are serious, since it is an appearance Refreshing, it will be Good!.

A replacement on another Helmet is although it does not crawl and come simply... Although one star lowers [ made / it / have you ] regarding
> attachment etc., it uses being dramatically pleasing.

If you dare to say although I think that they are the last goods that would carry out especially in play ...

and a feeling of operation have moderation, and there is ON-OFF just.
and extension can be performed in commercial pin codes. It is still better if the die length of
and an attachment Stay can be adjusted. One watch is sorry about the thing which are not
and water proof.

They are the above touch.

Although the PTT switch of type shift ? was used before, it surely fails to erase well.
Since a telephone call will become improper only by one someone's forgetting to erase if it is connecting by the transceiver, the push type without it is found useful very much.
Although attachment carries out touch [ somewhat CHACHI as a magic tape ], it is one convenient article!