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Sebagai pabrikan spesialis pulley, KUKKO menyediakan pulley dalam berbagai tipe dan ukuran serta perkakas untuk industri otomotif yang memiliki presisi dan kualitas tinggi.

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screw thread of the portion which has attached to the car body the Carrier which has attached the Top case broke.
It is used for removing this screw thread that broke. Rather than
, how to remove except this product (reverse Tap type) is not learned.

When using, because he bought a Handle cheaply, also when the portion (top quadrangle portion of a Screw) which has attached the Screw to the Handle
idled while turning
, were, but. Since the Handle may be worse, there is no telling whether to be a thing with bad this
The screw thread with which the Screw broke happily before no less than ten rotations entered came out, and came.

The KUKKO currently used as a Puller in the company. Since the Attachment at the tip of
has been cracked, it offers that he wants a new tool and is... if it purchases in the
> legitimate channel (from the machine delivery Manufacturer of a Germany) ... they were the estimates 25 and 000.
> -- when saying so, it was treating by a KUKKO and Mr. webike -- If .. is thought and it searches .. it was.
-- moreover, it damaged -- at least the end part is sold -- carrying out -- ~♪ --
> -- above all, there was little expense and it ended.

Since it is an oil pressure, there is little power and it ends.
Although the very end is serious in case of a screw type, this is made by fixed power.
When there is much number of times, it can work comfortably.

Since it is a curve type, it has in the low motorcycle of a higher vehicle, and is deep.
It is just going to say that having thought that it was uncannier than it cannot slide on power being applied easily downward easily.
A ladder might be unable to be pushed and put, when it was a straight-line type ladder, vigor was attached and put and it failed.
There is almost no curve.