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Kurodaya memproduksi knalpot untuk kendaraan racing roda 2 dan roda 4. Kurodaya menjual knalpot full system, footstep dan masih banyak lagi.

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Installation is not difficult.. Making is pretty good. A little dissatisfied point is that there is no OEMO 2 Sensor mounting hole. It seems to be attached with Option. Another point, after 2-1, the angle of the Spring attachment part of the Silencer attachment part is a little bad, it falls under the outside under train.

My APE 100 removed the Tandem Footpeg and the M8 Bolt hole I removed was clunky looking so I inserted the FUJI key Washer and stopped Cap bolt as a hole hidden. The car body Right Side is shared by the Exhaust System Hanger, so it does not look bad, but the Left Side does not have an Exhaust System and it is lonely and its hole stands out. So I thought about making a Heel Guard on my own from a long time ago, I found out that exclusive items were out from Kurodaya this time, because I was also painting Black Anodized that I was looking for, - I bought this as a result of considering my free time.
Installation is very easy. Simply install the M8 dish by inserting the plate into the Screw hole from which Tandem Footpeg is removed.
And what is the effect? ??Because my APE does not have Chain guard, it certainly does not seem that heels will interfere with Chain. However, it seems that the effect will not be available unless it is equipped with Rear Sets.

Carelessly to Plate "Kurodaya" It is engraved with letters and it is very satisfying for me that the atmosphere seen from the car body Left Side has been tightened.

Finally a little disappointing, because this price, dish Screw "Stainless Screw" I think I wanted you to do it.. And as of April 2015, Black Daya seems to be busy developing parts at Circuit. When ordering a product, we recommend to order by checking if you are returning to the store with Black Daja HP ??blog I will.