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KUSHITANI adalah pabrikan pembuat riding gear kualitas premium terkemuka asal Jepang. Material kulit yang digunakan KUSHITANI aman dan nyaman digunakan dan populer dikalangan pembalap Jepang.

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I ordered at the same time with Jacket of KUSHITANI. elbow ? For people, I was sent at the same time as Jacket, but for the spinal cord it will arrive at the end of January, yesterday, I procured with needle TER KUSHITANIShop.
It was stock at the Shop but the remaining three.
From the beginning it is easy to have Protector attached.

KUSHITANI's Jacket is 160 cm tall (Weight 58 kg) It is M size when it is Tight, when trying to purchase L Size it is only sold out, I once ordered M Size of Gore-Tex and made it small so I returned it.
When CE Protector is inserted in elbow, shoulder, back, it becomes exactly L Size.
But I'm curious that Inner's sleeve is long (*_*)
I like Design, so I like it!

Since Red was released, it is a replacement from 2017 MODEL.
Also, it was decided that 20% of Points arrived with KUSHITANI products with little discount.

Inner's making has changed. I feel like Down jacket rather than being fluffy.
Although it is said that the anti-cold performance did not change in the dealer's blog, making it easier to move
I can understand well compare.

I replaced it to match the color of Motorcycle, did not it have to be changed?
Large satisfaction except for high price.

First of all, comfort "light!" Even though it is a leather jacket, it is lighter than it looks. Although it is not using cheap Perappera's leather it is light though actually I think that there is weight as it is, but surely this was probably Size called Just fit.

I think that it is number one easy to wear. Pursuing functions nowadays Softness and comfort not found in Jacket will inspire Wear before Coating fabrics are used. That's why it's not just a Jacket, a shoulder elbow on the back is equipped with Protector, a chest Protector is also attached with a secure one.

Motorcycle wear like design but while Protection for Motorcycle is also firmly able to wear one.
I felt that the touch was stiff, but I did not mind if I wore it.

Rough AndRoad, BAGGY, Aluminum Pipe I've been wearing In Star, but KUSHITANI was the best.
I feel comfortable adding the Chest pad, but the feeling of being protected is terrible to the body Jacket Fit and Protector properly envelops.
The texture of Material that has never existed is impressed and Design has a sense of quality.
It is a compliment. ? ? ? It was about momentum of buying three pieces at once in other sites including winter clothes.

I, 173 cm, 70 kg, but LL is perfect and Tight impression, it feels like fitting the body close to Racing suit.
Come and try.

【What made you decide the purchase?】
I planned to renew Rain jacket because I planned nine nights Shikoku ~ Kyushu ~ Hokuriku ~ Shinshu Touring in GW. I recently decided that Rain jacket is also KUSHITANI because it became the KUSHITANI strike on the occasion of successfully dieting 16 kilograms.
【How was it actually used in the rain?】
It was comfortable at high speed and Winding.
【Please tell me the environment such as rainfall and time used】
There was a low pressure on the side of the Pacific Ocean and the Japan Sea, and it was a storm when I headed to Hokuriku. It used to be daytime.
【Fit feeling and height when wearing ? Please tell me the weight etc (Apparel case) 】
KUSHITANI Spring / Summer GORE-TEX? Wear from Jacket. It was good that you could adjust Fitting to Large in Velcro. (165 cm, 62 kg)
[Is there anything I was disappointed about?]
There is none.
【Hope for Manufacturer ? Please let me know if there are any improvement points]
Although it is better to become a little more compact when folding, I understand that it is a break-even point with durability and performance.
【Have you compared items?】
There is none.
Large I want to use it for a long time.